1. leastlikelyllama says

    When he looked at the camera I thought i was in trouble.

  2. CuriousBlackCat says

    Optimus Primal being fucking cultured as always.

  3. datazulu says

    This Gorilla consumes food more gracefully than my brother. I need to stop saying he eats like an animal.. totally not accurate.

  4. Kayeesi says

    Gotta eat the palette cleanser first.

  5. CaptainEarlobe says

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that drinks wine straight from the bottle

  6. Kinenai says

    “I am a fancy man, sipping my drank as only a fancy man can.”

  7. schorl83 says

    And not a single drop spilled. I don’t think my hands are that steady.

  8. NoMoLerking says

    Is that juice or pedialyte? This may be a gorilla with the runs.

  9. GTA_Stuff says

    I’m actually really impressed by its dexterity and steadiness of its hand. A lot of humans can’t hold a bottle close to that angle with that stability nor slosh it around, causing spillage. It’s like a machine!!

  10. REMAIN_IN_LIGHT says

    *Hmmm … barnyard… the oaking imparts some vanilla… nuances of banana …*

  11. tylerfeth50 says

    Man caging things is a crime.

  12. Jfonzy says

    At first I was feeling really impressed, then I got sad that an animal of this intelligence isn’t free in its homeland

  13. SpunTheOne says

    Vintage 2016 juice with a hint of elderberry flavor, not too sweet, dry and strong.

  14. jonfranklin says

    It freaks me out that we keep em in zoos.

  15. Yalandunyali says

    This is how my grandpa drinks water.

  16. LookOutForToxicBros says

    Frankly, he’s dainty and magical.

  17. CyberNinja23 says

    You see a gorilla but I see a grandpa taking his medication.

  18. KGhaleon says

    He gave you a side eye. You know he’s only doing it for those youtube views.

  19. LookOutForToxicBros says

    I’m absolutely entranced by how nimble and delicate he is at picking up the snacks.

  20. hensoup says

    Gorillas never cease to impress me. They’re eerily human-like.

  21. Prince5595 says

    We shouldn’t keep things as intelligent as this in cages.

  22. TransposingJons says

    Captive gorillas make me sad.

  23. Aelig_ says

    He’s better at drinking from a bottle than Trump.

  24. Cosmonaut1994 says

    Savor the flavor!

  25. Mosqueton says

    I fucking hate seeing them in cages.

  26. dcwalden says

    We keep these fucking things in cages.

  27. ieraaa says

    Seems to delicate of a creature to be between a bunch of walls

  28. reideq says

    Ah, an ape of culture I see

  29. rushn52 says

    man i fucking love gorillas!

  30. AdrianValistar says

    Ah yes a very rare 1578 cranberry madame zelli del cantonté aged and perfected with time. Simply marvelous. It has such a smooth texture and not so subtle but not bold either. I give this a solid 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 and look forward to your next tasting. I bid thee adieu for now and a tata.

  31. saha_pritam says

    Apes 🦍 are taking over! 🚀🌝

  32. Grizzly_Berry says

    Always nice to see an investor enjoying themselves.

  33. le_sack says

    “Ah yes, a 1907 chateau neuf du pony if I’m not mistaken; how quaint.”

  34. GandalfSwagOff says

    I am mostly impressed how he is so good at holding it so the liquid is SO CLOSE to pouring out accidently.

  35. ProAssassin84 says

    It’s hard out here for a Chimp.

  36. GroundsKeeper2 says

    Gorillas are my favorite animals. Gorillaz are my favorite band. Coincidence? I think not.

  37. Craft_Beer_Queer says

    “I do say chaps, what an intoxicating elixir.” – sir silver Bach, Duke of Zoo

  38. EmiliusReturns says

    Gorillas have such human-like eyes, it freaks me out a little.

  39. SpiralBreeze says

    They probably put medicine in there, that’s the face I used to make as a kid when they mixed my juice with meds.

  40. Ehvlight says

    gorillas are just like humans

  41. Miserable-Building-8 says

    I thought those were pills, and I thought, “drinks like a wine taster? What, Pills first?”

  42. Monprr says

    Nose is clean. Lemon peel, dried rosebuds, burnt crinoline.

    Marzipan, cherry, peppery in the back — no, wait, the front. I’m picking up something green.Not sure if it’s olives or watermelon? Or a snake?

    Here we go.This wine is a new-world wine.This wine is from California.This wine is central coast.This wine is a Petit Sirah.This wine is from a high-quality producer, and it’s 2008.

  43. sdrbean says

    What a distinguished gentleman

  44. Melbel8210 says

    That side eye! 👀👀

  45. NotAChristian666 says

    “Pedialyte (sips gently)…Cherry Berry (sips a bit more)…2018? Wait – (tastes once again)…No, it is definitely 2019 vintage.”

    “Mmmmm, such a good year, that one.”

  46. MrGameAndBeer says

    Yeah, maybe an *amateur* wine taster; he doesn’t even smell it first!


  47. WhichKey9 says

    Jesus, let the man drink his juice in peace.

  48. Permafroster says

    I hate that we have some of these guys in captivity.

  49. Ainsley-Sorsby says
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