1. BarbarousComputing says

    This [happened in Kuwait in 1991](https://apnews.com/article/e78afc2d6d380d5470ef240e9b341854), was used to extinguish a well at an oilfield, and apparently took just two and a half minutes. Probably not the most efficient technique though since can’t find reports of it having been used again

  2. Brave_Development_17 says

    Some 40k shit right there.

  3. Dry-Investment-5725 says

    The video I didnt know I needed.

  4. steverin0724 says

    Sub the water for gasoline and NOW we’re talkin!!!

  5. UnsorryCanadian says

    “What are you going to do with a rocket engine on a tank?”
    -Granin, MGS3

    Put out fires, apparently

  6. TomatoFettuccini says

    Man, that looks like something straight out of Command and Conquer.

  7. _Piratical_ says

    Sounds like this is narrated by Rip Torn! You couldn’t get a better narrator for something like this! Classic.

  8. M1k3y_11 says

    It gets even better: Here in Germany we have multiple modern vehicles based on this concept, mostly in service at chemical plants. Their main purpose beside extinguishing fires is to wash escaping chemicals from the air.

    There is one at the BASF in Ludwigshafen https://youtu.be/sMBLjxyM87c
    One at the Chempark Dormagen https://youtu.be/XVItVu2XXOI
    One at the Chempark Leverkusen https://youtu.be/7YPmF6HjL7M

    (Those are only the ones I remembered at the moment)

    And we even have remote controlled mini Versions https://youtu.be/nU16OFqDtIk

  9. JankMganks says

    I thought I was looking at a fucking sci fi photoshopped pic

    that looks so scary looking if you didn’t know that wasn’t a barrel

    Still wouldn’t want to be at the buisness end or anywhere near when it’s on

  10. dunee says

    The IMAX original that this is from is definitely worth a watch


  11. coldasthegrave says

    The documentary that this is from is full of equally impressive feats of human ingenuity and perseverance. Those fields were quite literally hell on earth. It really shows what happens when we all set our differences aside for a second and really, actually work together.

    “Fires of Kuwait” if you want to watch it on YouTube. It’s pretty special.

  12. neril_7 says

    Holy shit that’s like it straight out came of Red Alert 2.
    Hydro Tank
    “Injecting water.”
    “Throttling jet engines.”
    “I hope you brought your bathers” or “Super soakers Ready”
    should be some of its lines.

  13. Competitive_Stock912 says

    I don’t understand how this works but it’s fucking awesome

  14. manescaped says

    This should feature in the next sequel to Mad Max. Someone DM George Miller

  15. Nazamroth says

    Considering the sort of shit I build in games like Space Engineers, I feel like mad scientist genes are just part of our blood.

  16. RunningFree701 says

    This is Red Green levels of ingenuity.

  17. OpinionsAreLike_ says

    Fucking tits, bro.

    Reminds me of an old Army saying: “If brute force doesn’t work, you’re not using enough of it.”

  18. ItsMeRPeter says

    Ho. Ly. Crap. It’s something.

  19. LazyJones1 says

    Reminded me of [this](https://imgur.com/gallery/wpZ4w)…

  20. spip72 says

    That’s insane level badass.

  21. Mind_on_Idle says

    That is fucking badass.

    Oilfire: *Doesn’t mix with water, keeps burning because fuel is hydrophobic*

    Fireman: *Drowns fire anyway. Holds up middle finger*

  22. Krazyflipz says

    Great news for American weapon manufacturers. Now we can issue tanks to all our fire departments.

  23. Neat_Emu says

    The Russians or soviet union also made one, but it’s purpose was to melt the snow on runways

  24. TheDeadlySquid says

    Close the hatch!

  25. endorrawitch says

    I saw them featured in an IMAX movie I saw decades ago called “The Fires of Kuwait”.

    Saddam Hussein set the oil fields on fire and they had teams from all over putting them out. They also had a team from Texas headed by Red Adair.

  26. IntelliGun says

    “Ready To Roll Out!…. Prooo-Ceeedin’”

  27. Floss_tycoon says

    That tank has some seriously strong brakes.

  28. sftobin says

    How does the tank that the jet engines are sitting on not get shot into the stratosphere?

  29. Ouroboboruo says

    They be doing some irl kitbashing

  30. ShitBritGit says


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