1. DriftwoodEmpire says

    One does not simply finish monster hunter

  2. eroben23 says

    3.0 is the end of this month too lol.

  3. cokedoutfish says

    Monster Hunter and the new Pokemon Snap are at war in my heart and schedule, and I barely have time to get to one of them

  4. iSolivictus says

    You never finish monster hunters, monster hunters finish you.

  5. roundhouzekick says

    Relatable. Sorry Nier Replicant, but I’ve got fashion builds to make.

  6. randomfox says

    Bug Fables is VERY good!

    Please play it

    Read Only Memories is also nice.

  7. EchoKeg says

    Relatable comic. I started 2nd playthrough of Bug Fables which I see in this art too and immediately returned to Rise after the update.

    Arzuros looks so badass here indeed!

  8. l_salerno says

    Wait, you can finish MH?

  9. Limebeer_24 says

    I just finished the elder dragons, looked and saw that at some point I got the Apex mitsuine quest unlocked… Guess I’ll be doing that next time I play.

    Well… After I farm Barioth a bit for his weapon.

  10. sudo-woodo says

    I bought crash bandicoot 4 for the switch and have only played like 4 stages casually. Havent touched it since Rise came out.

  11. WinderWino says

    Same but with University

  12. wafflnator says

    I was actually kinda pumped to just play Nier but now I’m half assed playing both and my muscle memory is doing cart wheels. First world problems.

  13. Ruckeysquad says

    I had an idea for this comic last week and draw it out, i do have to say i really love how arzuros turned out

    if you want to see more of my art you can find it at my twitter [https://twitter.com/RuckeySquad](https://twitter.com/RuckeySquad)

  14. Kiba97 says

    Sad PS4 user L2 R2 X+ロ

  15. SamSparkSLD says

    I finished all the missions on HR7 and crafted and used my preferred weapon in every class in 120 hours and I was like dang that was a good game.

    2.0 dropped and I’ve easily put in 40 hours and still have tons of stuff to do

  16. Tefra_K says

    Me that just hit High Rank:
    _Yep… TOOOTALLY reletable…_

  17. DashyTrash says

    Just reached HR8 on Friday. Was planning on going back and playing more Atelier Ryza, but nope! Now I get to start Fashion Souls. This game needs a fashion police in online. Just for fun

  18. 2to30 says


  19. bowserbr says

    It’s me trying to start pokemon snap.

  20. CorpsePainter0 says

    Forgot about the backlog of vidya games. The talisman grind never ends!

  21. NeonJ82 says

    I literally JUST hit the endgame by the time 2.0 released myself. Beat the final boss, spent about 1-2 days getting some jewels I like and suddenly there’s a whole bunch of new monsters available to fight.

    And people say the game is lacking content!

  22. Nhosis says

    I’m pretty much done with 2.0 since i refuse to put any effort into the talisman system so I’m fine working on my backlog until we have more content to play.

    I hope G/M rank doesn’t take too long to release and we get some crazy fights like GU deviants (I guess Apex kind of covers this) and Worlds Ala, Safi and Fatalis.

  23. Hawntir says

    2.0 releasing a couple days before pokemon snap… And while I was busy all week anyway.

  24. VeilOfTheZealot says

    So many games to play, so little time. I hope I’m not reaching the age where I’m tired of it.

  25. BourbonBaccarat says

    Lol “other games”

  26. correconlobos says

    Monster hunter updates continuously until a new one comes out, it’s a forever grind and not everyone is cool with that kind of game! That’s why it didn’t have that big of a fanbase (especially in america) until world

  27. StretchyPlays says

    I’m thinking I’ll play 2.0 for about another week then play something else and hopefully finish it before 3.0. I’m just glad I was able to play the base game all the way until 2.0 came out.

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