1. Hodeedo says

    I like how she says “a sugar” as if she’s having a single grain of sugar.

  2. eavesdrew says

    Oh Jesus. I actually did say this but as a joke when everyone in my office was on some diet or other: I called it the fifty/fifty diet. You ate one snickers bar and then an apple… it was a joke!

  3. beepborpz says

    If anybody is wondering, the lady speaking, Amy Slaton-Halterman has since lost a lot fo weight, had bariatric surgery and had a baby. She’s doing really well.

  4. Kangar says

    She should be a ventriloquist, because you can’t even see her lips move when she talks.

    Took me a while to figure out who was talking.

  5. xHangfirex says

    How many sugars did it take to figure out that was bullshit?

  6. SonMauri says

    Ignorance kills.

    No matter how harmless it may seem, if you can rid the world from a little ignorance, go for it.

  7. 0bstructin says

    Did they not realize at some point this didn’t work? I just feel like they hit a few milestones along the way that should’ve shed light on this.

  8. buff_susan_lol says

    This clips ends too early, they admit they know it’s not right.

  9. jimtrickington says

    When the body says “You know, the forehead is a great place to store extra fat”, it’s time to have an occasional salad.

  10. Hellowiscobsin says

    I’ve never seen this show but their complete lack of education is sad af

  11. AandWGuy says

    Food literacy is one of the biggest untalked about issues regarding obesity. When I was a personal trainer eons ago, I can’t tell you how many clients thought tortilla was healthier than bread. Or fruit juice/chocolate milk was better than pop.


    Neither are true. Tortilla’s have like 4x the carbs and most juices and chocolate milk have the same amount of sugar as soda

  12. safely_beyond_redemp says

    I feel bad for fat people. It’s like you’re living in a cage and don’t know how to free yourself. I know how it happens too. I grew up on ice cream after dinner and as many bowls of cereal in the morning as I could eat. They don’t tell you and my parents didn’t know or didn’t care that kids cereal is sugar and processed dust. That’s it. You might as well just have cookies and cake, and oh my god koolaid? Sugar water.

  13. WillDeletOneDay says

    That poor girl never had a chance if her parents were telling her bullshit like that as a kid.

  14. onceiwasafairy says

    Good thing they didn’t follow it up with a wafer thin mint

  15. Ok-Philosopher8888 says

    Wow! Coca-Cola Co. really cracked the code on this one! How is this not common knowledge?! /s

  16. ConstructionLower549 says

    I’m seeing so much hate and making fun of these ladies. Which, I feel like they do kind of saying things for the editing for TLC.

    But as someone who just went through RNY, and is 8 wks post op ( I’m not the size of them and understand you cancel out a sugar) It’s absolutely crazy the relationship with food a person can have. I did a lot of therapy work before and after surgery and I was still surprised. For people that say “just don’t eat that, have more discipline, they should know” it’s a million times harder than that. Trust me. They probably have tried. At least I did. And when you grow up in a household where vodka and Cheetos is dinner, it kind of warps your idea of health. And it if was easy as “just don’t” i would have. The discipline it takes is a mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. But for me- I’m 45lbs down in 8wks and it’s been completely worth it.

  17. PronunciationIsKey says

    “That would be cool if you could eat a good food with a bad food and the good food would cover for the bad food when it got to your stomach. Like you could eat a carrot with an onion ring and they would travel down to your stomach, then they would get there, and the carrot would say, It’s cool, he’s with me.”

    – Mitch Hedberg

  18. tmadik says

    I wonder what the mother looked like while she was giving this sage advice.

  19. TheShadowViking says

    I had a Marine in my unit who was overweight and I was put in charge of helping him lose weight. He said the exact same thing. He told me that drinking a diet coke would cancel the calories he ate. He had a stack of pizza boxes in his closet and a bunch if empty twelve packs of diet coke. Needless to say, I couldn’t help him and he got admin separated.

  20. SpamShot5 says

    My Croatian grandpa told me when i was younger, when you drink alcohol you drink a shot of strong rakija to cancel out the alcohol, this must be the American version of that joke

  21. TheRealClose says

    If you are a sugar?

    Like a sugar cube? A bag of sugar? Or just something with sugar in it?

  22. 123apples123 says

    Which one was talking?

  23. GammaKID_ says

    It must be a bitch to be that fucking big

  24. h-bugg96 says

    What does their mom look like?

  25. Vellnerd says

    They need to up the dosage

    For every sugar, TWO diet Cokes.

    That should do it.

  26. faithle55 says

    What was supposed to cancel out the 12 Happy Meals a day?

  27. AgencyandFreeWill says

    These poor women. Given terrible advice and habits in childhood and then mocked by assholes on Reddit who put them down to feel better about themselves. Here’s a spoiler, if you’re into mocking others you probably hate yourself.

  28. Owcomm says

    Did it work?

  29. LincolnCoHo says

    What the fuck is a sugar?

  30. slow_joke says

    “You ate an entire party size bag of peanut m&ms, that’s hundreds of grams of sugar”

    “That counts as 1 sugar, geez what are you, stupid?”

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