1. bboymixer says

    >”We’ll charge you $35 for a $2 overdraft– you’re clearly the problem here”

    –banks, probably

  2. sprinkleofmagic says

    Corporations: We want our employees to be emotionally happy at our workplace!

    Employees: great! How about improving our pay and provide adequate staffing levels?

    Corporations: no, not like that, try yoga.

  3. Preparation_Asleep says

    I enjoy how the internet insulates us from these types of fighting words.

    I’d love to see a bank say this shit in a room full of poor starving people.

  4. Nihilismisanthrope says

    You: I accidentally bounced a check

    Bank:That’ll be $15

    You: But I just said I’m broke

    Bank: and $5 a day until your balance is back in the positive.


    Bank: Did I stutter?

  5. BiBoFieTo says

    Rich people and massive soulless corporations frame poverty as an issue of frivolous consumption rather than a broken system because they feed on poverty and desperation.

  6. truffleblunts says

    Is that tweet real lol I would instantly fire whatever moron thought that would be engaging to customers

  7. atlantachicago says

    If corporations are people, Chase is certainly an asshole.

  8. Salmuth says

    Now imagine poor people actually stopped consuming everything that’s not necessary for their biologic survival (but still necessary to prevent alienation and depression), the world’s economy would just go mega-crisis.

    Also, people will lose their shit, leave their jobs or close ones, if not go berserk. Some will realize how much those small things allow people to endure their shit jobs or family situations and prevent massacres BECAUSE YOU BETTER NOT TALK TO ME BEFORE I GOT MY FUCKING MORNING COFFEE. :p

  9. Basseboi1337 says

    Well, I do all of those things and still got no money?

  10. remyjuke says

    Just one reason to switch to a credit union

  11. eaquino03 says

    Damn. That Chase “motivation” sounds douchy as fuck.

  12. Hello_Pal says

    Shouldn’t banks and pretty much any financial institution promote spending because that’s what makes a good capitalist society? Isn’t household spending one of the main factors for looking at growth in a community? This post feels like it was just made by some employee who is hyper frugal without realizing what a dick it makes them.

  13. K_R_Omen says

    Why haven’t my purchases gone through yet? Oh, you’re letting them pile up, hoping I screw up my balance, so you can hit me with NSF fees before the month is out.

  14. CabooseOne1982 says

    First of all, no one is paying for a cab for something that is only 3 blocks. They’ll just walk. Second of all, does Chase think food grows in the refrigerator and coffee just manifests itself in a pot when you want it? You need money to purchase that stuff. Third of all, when your account goes below $0 the bank will charge you a $30 fee for money they already know you don’t have. But yes, lets just continue blaming people for being irresponsible with their money and not the system that keeps them in poverty.

  15. DiscombobulatedFix90 says

    Listen if you are poor tough luck the government doesn’t give a shit. If you are rich or a rich corporation they will bend over backwards to help. Too big to fail am I right.

  16. Tjstictches says

    I love how edgy companies are trying to be on social media. Noone thinks you’re cool Chase.

  17. Punica says

    Serious question bc I’ve never used twitter…who is actually following their bank’s corporate Twitter account? Who cares what Chase has to say about anything? What am I missing here?

  18. SarahMiller20 says

    Fun fact, Bank is the largest founder of fossil fuels in the world…

  19. Richard_Fartsmith says

    Well yeah, banks can’t be irresponsible with our money if we don’t have a little bit left.

  20. ATMcalls says

    Really good look for Chase 🤣 someone’s about to get shitcanned

  21. PajaroLoco_MC says

    Tell me your social media manager is a rich trust fund baby whos dad had a friend that worked at the bank, without telling me.

  22. LumbermanDan says

    To be fair, the bank is being irresponsible with YOUR money, not theirs. So…

  23. ColoTexas90 says

    Someone needs to reign in their social media intern from the IVYs.

  24. b2shaed says

    Idk chase it might be the insane fees and minimums you have for poor people.

  25. AqUaNtUmEpIc says

    Chase really sent that out??

  26. Dana94Banana says

    Rich, spoiled people are pissing me off, especially the cocky ones who dare to try to shift the blame on the poor.

  27. Imaginary_Flamingo46 says

    We are not entitled to $5 Starbucks coffee every day, despite what memes tell us. I’m not saying there aren’t glaring societal inequity problems. But avoiding eating out will help the budget immensely.

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