1. TurbulentHovercraft0 says

    That’s not what he tried to do… more like showing off for the camera, wcgw

  2. Mongo_Az says

    He clearly wasn’t trying to do a backwards high five. Wtf even is a backwards high five? He was acting like an idiot for the camera and jumped on front of a dude.

  3. emu_birdman says

    More like r/kidsarefuckingstupid

  4. GeorgeThomasEdgar says

    We all knew that kid growing up.

  5. HughJanus1111 says

    This kid is in his 30’s by now.

  6. Cregg_Junson says

    Get a high five? Some of these titles make me think they barely watch the video before posting it.

  7. Remarkable-Fan-1010 says

    “And you can be sure I’ll do it again!”

  8. GrompkinEx says

    It was a if he saw the camera and thought that, instead of it being for the professional athletes that everyone was lined up to see, the camera was for HIM. To capture all of his greatness and glory.

  9. BullocksMissLayup says

    Kevin Seraphine

  10. T-Bills says

    Surprised nobody caught this yet… Didn’t the Bullets changed their name to the Wizards back in 1997 or so?

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