1. justanotherbutthead says

    Out of curiosity, why not throw it in neutral and push it. Quickly if the fire was now started. If cameraman helps should be pretty easy.

  2. 6U723EV says

    Is it ironic that burnt grass provides better traction?

  3. blondebahamamama says

    Two guys just standing there, one filming, instead of trying to push it out. How more useless can people get?

  4. acitizengrace says

    Way to go AJ!

  5. DocDanMD says

    Those tires look pretty bald

  6. Beginning-Document-6 says

    Oh shit never saw that coming

  7. Drak_is_Right says

    This has always looked to me like the SUV either hit a haybale on purpose or was doing donuts in a farmers cut grass before it could be baled. I always assumed SUV driver was being a royal asshole.

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