1. ItssethL22 says

    2k always adds in some weird animation that makes me laugh lol, never seen that one before

  2. Dagraffman says

    Okay that made me lol

    I love how LaMarcus is just like…”Dafuq…?” so you know it’s actually programmed in there and not just a glitch.

  3. PeyoteJones says

    This is great 🤣 reminds me of a [post](https://v.redd.it/mnxh5ks2t1p61) I saw the other day on here.

  4. honore_08 says

    Does anyone else feel like Rajon Rondo would do something petty like that lol

  5. watchtoweryvr says

    Saw good clip today with KD (in OKC) do a jump shoulder bump with Steph (in GSW).

  6. The_Dok33 says

    I love the reaction though. Would be pretty funny if someone did that. I think Pat Bev would.

  7. East_Astronomer_6046 says

    I had this happen on 2k14 or 15 that shit was funny af but it’s RARE

  8. Dimaaaa says

    LMA 🙁

  9. THUMB5UP says

    He might’ve been on the team earlier in your career. I’ve seen animations with other characters celebrating with their prior teammates. Weird lol

  10. Rubenoxi24 says

    Thats amazing xD

  11. AussiePride1997 says

    Haha I think they also have the Robin Lopez Jarrett Culver dunk animation in there. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RSkaLwBDOqk

  12. Imaginesafety says

    This same exact post is gonna blow up in a few months.

  13. ShortyNC says

    He’s just a team player lol 😆

  14. popmalcolm says

    Animation is a few years old, surprised you’re just now seeing it. Pretty funny shit.

  15. bdt69 says

    That’s phenomenal lol

  16. Sharp-Ad4389 says

    I like how 12 then just looks at you, confused.

  17. ZeroDwayne says

    Newbies to 2k be like: omg guys this made me lol 2k can be good sometimes😊🥰🤗😷thats so amazing lol i’ll buy it again cause they put so much work into the small details

    OG’s to 2k who know be like: bruh if you search for high five in this sub this exact animation will come up for every single nba 2k since this sub was made lol fuck 2k all my homies and me hate 2k 👿🖕🏾imma go buy it again when it comes out later this year tho

    This that time of year yall lmaoo hype machine so yall buy 2k22 dont do it if you dont like anything about 21(either version) dont listen to the youtubers

  18. NorseMystery says

    I see u rock with the spurs. Underrated team in my opinion.

  19. Effective_Source6139 says

    I’ve gotten this before

  20. todachinnie says

    LMAO 😂

  21. kngaman says

    This animation is awesome hahahahah

  22. Nerdy__Gamer says

    Lmaooo that’s awesome 😂😂

  23. Ogtheking12 says

    What is this

  24. Blansky95 says

    Pulled a rondo

  25. poundmyassbro says

    idk why but i love it

  26. OldManWinner74 says

    The other Spurs player is like, what you doin bro?

  27. nosniborr95 says

    That’s sick!

  28. dringleman says

    Ahhh a Classic Rajon Rondo move

  29. 08MikadoTheMoonGod24 says

    This has happened in a game before that’s why 2k emulated it, forget who did it though..
    2K ain’t creative enough to think of that on their own lol

  30. joeymc1984 says

    I remember one someone shared of LeBron giving Kobe a high five like that

  31. Sugarmomma762 says

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  32. Ok-Way6319 says
  33. NorseMystery says

    Also underrated as a team

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