1. 207nbrown says

    Yea, interesting and creative name to say the least

  2. Rat_Fox13 says

    As you can see the scientist is doing very important research to save the foundation

  3. _solidsnakeeater_ says

    V random

    Why did they not name it?

  4. PersoonMan says

    Scientist, Good choice

  5. ShadowBloxxer says

    finally, another scientist (white) enjoyer

  6. FrequentDoughnut says

    Nah it’s name is foot locker

  7. Yoprobro13 says

    Useless fact for a useless item

  8. SelfServeDinomasaur says

    Could just be a place holder until they actually put a name

    Edit: someone explain why I’ve even downvoted please

  9. Philosophos_A says

    It would be so much more interesting if they was calling it [REDACTED]

  10. meeprkr says

    pronunciation, in case anyone is wondering: …………..

  11. TheFraggerblaze says

    Is this guy wearing the Foundation?

  12. StrawHatGamingYT says


  13. MamaWeegeeandYoshi says

    Yo I just found a ???????????????????????

  14. ChineseNoodleDog says

    Guys I’m gonna go to the ????????? to get the mythic boots.

  15. KawaiiKaiju55 says

    Huh I didn’t know that

  16. GoldenBlyat8BC says

    I think it’s possible name would be “Spire Refinery” because it looks like it refines the o r b into Spire Jumpboots.

  17. Dex_Umbreon says

    Wait you can ping those?

  18. Concerned_lettuce says

    How do you have that skin?

  19. MonaSavesTheDayAgain says

    What if they do have a name, but our fortnite characters don’t understand the language because it’s alien!

  20. Mortgage_Specific says

    alright hear me out so you need to bring th e orb to the ????????????????


    so basically the spire is ????????????/?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  21. Mech_Knights says

    Epic was just too lazy come up with a crazy name and story to go along so they just named it ?????????

  22. RemixedZorua says

    No, it’s ????????????

  23. Truffle_Goat says

    It should have been called: useless addition that nobody has seen in two months 😳

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