1. typecastwookiee says

    This looks like a bad 80’s movie storm. Seems like there should be a couple stage hands on ladders outside dumping fake snow, and another dude with a big metal sheet and a mallet trying to time it right with the strobe light.

  2. jaywaykil says

    Standard thunderstorm with hail. Rare in Canada, but somewhat common farther south.

  3. nomorepumpkins says

    Not a usual storm in canada. Source: Am canadian

  4. insurance_novice says

    Do you live at a Hollywood studio?

  5. asthmatic_kitties says

    Can we get a video with sound? Source?

  6. zeroair says

    aww hail

  7. LocoCoyote says

    If that’s an example of a usual storm, then why did you feel compelled to take a video and post it? I mean it’s common, run of the mill stuff, right?

  8. Wildebeast1 says

    Of all the videos that should have sound, it’s this one, but it doesn’t 😞

  9. bbrickell-_- says

    In Oklahoma we call this Spring.

  10. Cheeks_Divided says

    Bro…that’s no storm that that scene from War of the Worlds! If Tom Cruise comes running in GTFO!!!

  11. Roest_ says

    Usually someone gets murdered when the movie starts like that.

  12. remstardougie says

    False. Can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen hail in Toronto

  13. SheriffBartholomew says

    Man I wish we got storms like this instead of the never ending drizzle we have instead.

  14. vektar2 says

    Looks like a tornado!

  15. trashISoakland says

    Looks like a strum AY?

  16. onishi87 says

    …they’re herrrre…

  17. thudly says

    Reminds me of this [Lewis Black](https://youtu.be/br3JfdzmZ-0?t=436) bit.

  18. Casmer says

    Open the door

  19. UrbanManc says

    Aren’t windows great 👍

  20. loskyman says

    Nah rare af storm but okay

  21. 2goodforafreebanana says

    I was expecting a horror movie killer in the reflection of the window sneaking up on camera person

  22. buttnuggs4269 says

    Noooo don’t go to the window

  23. [deleted] says

    What kind of storm was it?


  24. tdawg756 says

    I wouldn’t trust that glass!

  25. aotar says

    been in toronto 3 years and have never seen that outside of the movie theater

  26. digismoker says


  27. Pastystuff says


  28. SacredGray says

    I want that.

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