1. kritaholic says

    Read the article. So apparently some of those guys were arrested while participating in the Hajj to Mecca.

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, the Muslim monarchy of Saudi Arabia arrests people who are performing one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and extraditing them to China, who is trying to eradicate the Muslim population.

    So much for soildarity in the faith…

  2. MathStudent95 says

    I’ll admit I don’t fully understand this issue (because it is grossly under-covered in the west) but why does China want them back if the point of “reeducation” camps is to decrease the Uyghur population to begin with? Is it just to silence dissidents and prevent the issue from gaining more international attention?

  3. phaexal says

    Saudi Arabia is the shittiest Arab nation by far.

  4. lniko2 says

    France allows satirical drawings, Muslim countries screams for war.
    China genocides Uyghurs, Muslim countries sends theirs back.

    The logic escapes me.

  5. WiiSportSwordsMenGuy says

    This is so sad. The world has to stop kneeling for China’s money.

  6. El_macho_prieto says

    China play too much, Idk why they keep trying to fk around with everybody. I literally see them in the news so much, China did this, China is doing that, they gone fk around and get fkd up.

  7. t3lp3r10n says

    Same in Turkey. China bought off our government with vaccines.

  8. ErythingIsFakeAndGay says

    CCP is cancer

  9. stoiclandcreature69 says

    They didn’t even say what Ahmad got extradited for. Is this a fake CNN article or are their journalistic standards really this low?

  10. Eltharion-the-Grim says

    So CNN doesn’t know what they are being EXTRADITED for, but they write a long ass piece of news about 20 deported Uyghurs from Egypt and concluded China has a nefarious and long reach.

    Extradition means these are criminals wanted by China. The fact that their families weren’t also taken means this narrative by CNN is wrong and little more than political propaganda.

    The fact that they keep talking about “rights groups” and not about any of the details of the extradition means it is a joke to call this journalism.

    I mean, CNN must think only America is allowed to have extradiction treaties and rights, and anyone else must be evil for extradition.

  11. alphaqu2twice says

    If the extradition treaty exists between the countries (which I assume it does) and there are legal grounds for them to be deported, why is this news? Isn’t this what countries do?

    Or is this CNN taking the “woke” angle because it sells and is convenient?

  12. Cultural_Kick says

    This China Uyghur thing is so fucking convoluted. So far we havent seen much dissent from western countries who are so called modern and human rights champions. On one side they say its because if economical reasons, but if so then we need to address those nations more forcefully. All im seeing are nations with spotty human rights records, Canada and US, conveniently play the hero card and scape goating China.

  13. hreem says

    What did oninteresting is that CNN is reporting about these countries, but doesn’t mention that turkey has also been doing this for a while.

    As a matter of fact Pakistan is also doing this with ex terrorists… mostly if waristani and Pashtun.

  14. expendable_me says

    Idk… It just seems, that America is upset, that they are not the ones, destroying this group of Muslims….

  15. arsinoe716 says

    What a dumb article. The Saudis have the US in their side and people think they are with the Chinese also?

  16. h0bb1tm1ndtr1x says

    Why does China even care if they’re that far away? Fucking psychopaths.

  17. baldchow says

    Why would China want to IMPORT people to oppress?

  18. Meghterb says

    I was expecting more from Biden about Uyghurs and China in general, guess I was wrong

  19. mojojojo2069 says

    Very sad. I am also surprised by the activity concerning this subject matter on social media by the social media justice warriors. Oh wait, there are none.

  20. FlyMeme says

    This is how you breed jihadists. Dumb ass CCP.

  21. TheSilentTitan says

    I thought uyghurs were Muslims?

  22. taatzone says

    Damn, I am freaking speechless…if this is true, they are doomed

  23. lambdaq says

    USA should step up and accept millions of Uighur refugees

  24. fretit says

    China has been exerting strong influence in other countries by a two-pronged approach: (1) investments full of attached strings in disadvantaged countries and (2) opening their lucrative market in exchange of various things (such as Cena apologizing for calling Taiwan a country).

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