1. spssps says

    Guys, i’m blind, what does the meme say?

  2. ItsLudio says

    It’s just requires decoding, there is no meaning in this image

    The written thing is “ fuck Disney “

  3. VectorRuse says

    Too complicated for a template. Too tempting to just keep on scrolling

  4. SAMsless says

    I knew it was fuck after the first letter

  5. RepostSleuthBot says

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  6. 420fmx says

    Thought it was going to be send nudes. This disappointEd

  7. notagoodname042 says

    >!Fuck Disney!<

  8. Cino0987 says

    Thought for a second someone was after disco. But it all turned out ok in the end.

  9. link5688 says

    Who tf wants to look up a braille chart and decode a fucking meme? Dumbest format I’ve ever seen

  10. donandres08 says

    Me a blind- “Finally some good fucking template for me”

  11. andthatsalright says

    > requires thinking

    And for that reason, I’m out.

  12. shmohit says

    I hired a blind man to read it aloud what’s written in here. And trust me it was a waste of money coz he wasn’t able to read it as it was on the screen😑

  13. justanothergamer69 says

    TLDR: “fuck Disney “

  14. SovietTumbleweed says

    I know you didn’t bother and just scrolled here to find what was written

  15. ahornywalrus says


  16. jayessdubs says

    For some reason I couldn’t find the n in the key, so I thought it just said “fuck dis” and truthfully I agree

  17. iridorian2016 says

    “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”

  18. Beauw32 says

    Fuck Disney

  19. iwasherenotyou says

    Wasn’t it Netflix that cancelled Daredevil and not Disney? Yeah they made a competing streaming service but from what I’ve read Marvel was fine to keep the show going until Netflix ended it.

  20. papiblue says

    I read as “fuck jisney” instead of disney, good lord I’m even dyslexic in braille

  21. Treppomann says

    How are blind people gonna read this though?

  22. gigawerewolf says

    Fuck disney

  23. Likeabhas says

    Says “fuck Disney”, in case someone didn’t want to take the effort.

  24. Ra7vaNn05 says

    I want to see more of these so i’ll learn braille

  25. SamratZadav says


  26. sanesteve2020 says

    Bro if this catches on we’re all gonna be fluent in Braille

  27. andrewgtv05 says

    They bought Batman?

  28. jf_Silent96 says

    This must be old Gen there isn’t a exclamation mark or a question mark Unknown.

  29. Agent-Mato says

    Did anyone else learn braille for a little while because of Pokemon?

  30. MisterMcCormick75 says

    You tell ‘em, Matt!

  31. pmcd_com says

    The brilliance of the meme.

  32. zpepsin says

    Braille is read right to left though..

  33. ZippZappZippty says

    Invest in tyler the creator

  34. rick_d_sanchez_c137 says

    I love it. I love it. I…love it! YAH!

  35. HyGyL1 says

    Yeah i’d like to fuck disney

  36. SpoopyBoii says

    I agree for the most part, but not a versatile template.

  37. ZippZappZippty says

    Invest in tyler the creator

  38. Benimation says


  39. cherryasss says

    Well get it checked by a doctor then

  40. sukmadok says

    I aleady knew it from the first letter

  41. RockKing_Ryan says

    When I found out the first letter is f I immediately went for u

  42. D0NN3LLY says

    Can someone tell me what the video in the bottom is? It’s still loading for me.

  43. Glitchface says


  44. Clout_Wizzard says

    I am too lazy for this

  45. Independent-Media-23 says

    Fuck Disney!

  46. Independent-Media-23 says

    Required sumn brain power on that1

  47. H3racules says

    Damn…. That’s actually a really original costume.

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