1. Lou_weirdAF says

    And I thought the Server lags were my internets fault…

  2. Meehui says

    I’ve just been mentally roleplaying the lag as doing mini time freezes to get a load of hits in before it can react.

    Best cope I can come up with atm. Sucks so much when gathering though.

  3. Tyetus says

    For a Sega launch I’d say they’re doing way above average, the lag finally got to me though and I logged out.

  4. GasIcePiss says

    Lvl15 now but logged off. Too much lag and everytime in doing the UQ and beat it, my weekly isn’t registering bevauss of the lag..

  5. Divinewargod says

    The servers have been way better than I’ve seen some launches for me.

  6. nethobo says

    The lag spikes wouldnt be so bad if I was playing something that didnt need to dodge. The ability of things to hit me because the blow “lands” 2 seconds after a dodge is killing me (literally).

  7. MapleJava says

    Seems to only heavily effect Global servers

    ~~Dont be mean to microsoft though, they are a small indie game studio :)~~

  8. Chozothebozo says

    Honestly? The NGS launch has been above expectations for me. I was fully expecting long queue times, being stuck in the title screen, and constant disconnects.

    The game is pretty much fully functional aside from lag spikes delaying some events and combat calculations, but it’s much more playable than other MMO launches.

  9. puptrait says

    I get the game struggling to keep up when we change zones. I almost kind of understand how my character leveling might slow things down a bit.

    But every time anyone remotely near me levels, whether they’re in my party or not, my entire screen locks up for 2-3 seconds.

    It’s like clockwork. In more chaotic fights it’s usually the first sign a boss finally dropped.

  10. Dawnwind121990 says

    New Genesis gave PSO2 some technical issues I really hope they fix.

  11. Mctrollin010 says

    Honestly I haven’t been disconnected even once and I’ve been playing a lot since yesterday. Yes there is a lot of server lag but honestly going better than most games at launch.

  12. jalapenohandjob says

    Time to switch to a nocturnal sleep schedule and find irl things to do this weekend. Maybe by Monday Sega will have pissed off enough people to keep the server populations at a level they can handle.

    Ship 2 on Global has been fucking nuts bad the last few hours. I’m not even playing a game at this point, I’m just moving my character 30ft every minute or two and spending time on my other monitor. I can’t even do *anything* at the item lab for going on an hour now. It was mostly fine around 2-3am US central.

  13. ShikuTeshi says

    Server hosting is done by Microsoft. And Microsoft servers are generally shit.

    Edit: Actually it’s more likely to be peer-to-peer based which is even worse.

  14. Seileach says

    I would highly recommend OG PSO2 at the moment, there is minimal lag in combat.

  15. Destructers says

    It’s all Microsoft’s fault with theirs Azure server (from my experience with MS Store launch)

    Anyone know JP server suffer the same lag? They have 10 servers instead of 4 like Global.

  16. Pecksniff11 says

    Thought the lag on my end was due to being in the UK. After seeing this, now I understand. I’m sure things will sort themselves in due time.

  17. H_Arthur says

    It seems to be accounting for every player’s connection in any particular area. Zoning in and out is too hectic

  18. MazeofLife says

    Only Sega could faceplant this hard. If I can get on, I’ll blitz through the story and leveling and take some time away from NGS to get over the rocky launch.

  19. SolomonGrumpy says

    This could have been even funnier if you:

    Included TikTok

    We’re just as cheeky w the other companies.

  20. Oathkip says

    I’ve been always wondering why my damage numbers weren’t showing up then to instantly see everything pop up at once and I’m down to a quarter of health. Now I see the issue…

  21. Alkena says

    in the end of the day we play with what we got right? cant expect things to be smooth all the way

  22. darthboof says

    literally unplayable

  23. [deleted] says


  24. IndieSEGAmer says

    I start to understand why PSO crew doesn’t want to release PSO2 global… so many incomprehensible people…

  25. NB-DanTE says

    That’s karma for locking foreigner players out if JP servers!

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