1. FeralBottleofMtDew says

    You forgot the part about not paying taxes and taking bail outs from the government. Fucking freeloaders.

  2. Beelzebub1331 says


  3. production-values says

    well the government should be handling your health care… but yes loving wage should be minimum.

  4. DrinkerOfHugs says

    reminder: making a net gain of a million dollars a year still means you need 1,000 years to make (1) billion

  5. FoxyPuffball says

    Everyone is so worried about the people still on unemployment like they are wrong to want a wage that can pay their rent and bills but it’s rarely discussed just how much the rich are freaking mooches and are the real welfare cases.

  6. AlpineJumper says

    America. Land of the eventual/temporarily displaced billionaire. Took me 40 yrs to figure out it’s not gonna happen. Lot happier for it.

  7. Coitus-And-Cafard says

    What is an aristocrat? A miserable pile of money. I will prove to you which of us is right… with death!

    -Dracula, 1997

  8. joemorris16 says

    Is this the right subreddit?

  9. phodgkins77 says

    A Villianaire?

  10. EtherealPheonix says

    Not really related to the point, but ironic given the context. The word villain originally meant a low born peasant.

  11. Academic_Speaker_558 says

    Exactly. They villify themselves.

  12. Mondholm says

    This isnt whitepeopletwitter

  13. EggplantFearless5969 says

    Greed is a deadly sin for a reason

  14. akidnamedFP says


  15. SecureSamurai says

    Cruella Duh Villain

  16. c_otter17 says

    BUt tHeY eARneD iT

  17. saratoga19 says

    A Republican

  18. Holy-Knight-Hodrick says


    >”**Black** to the Future”


  19. Paulo_De_Bruyne says

    There are 2.3 million Walmart employees. Assuming an average work week of 30 hours, a wage increase of $1 per employee will reduce revenues by over $3.588 billion. Given a net income of about $14 billion, that would reduce profits by well over 27%.

    That’s just $1. $3 and they would be out of business.

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/theydidthemath/comments/nvlv59/request_lets_take_any_multi_billion_company_if/h14eba2?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  20. DontSay_Yall says

    Hello r/blackpeopletwitter, are you lost?

  21. fear_of_government says

    A True American Hero

  22. StealYourGhost says

    I bet Lex Luther paid his henchmen and business building workers far more than Wayne Enterprises. Just sayin.

  23. edtheman81 says

    We don’t need billionaires they need us

  24. Paladoc says



  25. Idkmanhonestlythough says

    I honestly agree with this sentiment but if we were in their position it would be no different. We are all villains they just beat us to it

  26. Individual-Gold8207 says

    Such a brain dead take: what about athletes, actors, authors, artists, YouTubers, models, influencers, none of them own companies and exploit workers.

    You can literally be a millionaire by 50 if you work from college graduation, save, and invest wisely.

    Shit, Deepfuckingvalue made like 50 million just buying GME call options, is he a villain now too? Living wages are def needed as are cracking down on tax cheating billionaires, but reddit needs to stop simping for every brain dead idiot on Twitter with the latest socio-political hot takes that come undone with even the tiniest bit of scrutiny.

  27. tjb74archer says

    Um, a Capitalist?

  28. _iam_that_iam_ says

    Because literally every rich person pays their employees less than a living wage and provides terrible benefits and pays zero taxes every year.


    To be fair, most people without money would change if they had it. Same goes for power. How many of you would freely give away your money if you had a lot?

  30. druppolo says

    Resources on the planet are limited.

    If you want more for you, you know someone must have less.
    Yes, a good manager is worth more that a common man, but when you take the same money as a million Africans, I bet the million of Africans can produce more.

  31. [deleted] says


  32. nosleepincrooklyn says

    Don’t forget elon musk benefited from apartheid

  33. trey_tallent says

    If you want businesses to pay their workers more, advocate for a higher minimum wage and get people to vote for politicians who are running on that platform. PLEASE, if you have an understanding of economics that is less than that of a high schooler don’t talk about econ. A business that decides to pay their workers more (out of their own good will) is less competitive than other businesses because higher pay cuts into their margins which can/will lead to: a cut in employment, a higher price for consumers, reduction in stock price (because of less profit and therefore dividends)

  34. isdrm88 says

    Why is it on them when it’s on us? This is the culture we didn’t just accept, we pushed. Still do. The real question is why are knocking the hustle when we got it? We fund billionaires, by where we work, what we consume, what we buy, etc. I say this because im as guilty as anyone. They sponsor each other and we sponsor them. Sponsor your neighbor who turns around and sponsors your life. Tangible results

  35. SkippyTurdBurgler says

    We need to stop with the idiotic asinine knee jerk black and white assumptions about an entire group of Americans based on a single shared quality. It is so fucking old and is frequently wrong and slanderous for individuals of that group.

    In my lifetime people have said Vietnam vets are baby killers, gay people have aids and are cursed by god, black people are thieves and rapists, police are heroes (when a cop is killed in the line of duty), police are murders (when a cop kills someone), all military personnel are heroes fighting for our freedom and we must salute them (after 911), Arabs are terrorists (after 911), and now rich people are villains who don’t pay taxes…as Bill Gates quietly eradicates malaria in Africa and the top 1% of earners pay more money in taxes than the bottom 90%.

    Honestly, just fuck off with the ignorant circle jerk. I’ll have you know that a close friend of mine was a gay black Vietnam veteran of Arab descent who worked as a police officer after the war and became very rich. Come to think of it, he was kind of a dick. Alright, let’s all grab our pitch forks and start yelling about whatever group they say we should be angry about like mindless ass hats!!! All aboard!!!

  36. [deleted] says


  37. Eryklav says

    -have an idea for a new product

    -follow your path of hard and smart work despite critics

    -people are buying your product-due to increasing demand, you offer others the opportunity to work for you in exchange for payment

    -your company is growing, you decide to go public

    -people start investing in your company by buying stocks, they are interested in you succeeding

    -your net worth becomes a billion dollars

    -you are now the most hated person on reddit

  38. Aromatic_Amount_885 says

    Or providing work to thousands of people that need it to pay bills and raise families, many of these people started at the bottom and worked hard to get where they are, maybe they aren’t all villains, crabs in a bucket

  39. JGzz says

    Careful here, not all wealthy people do this.

  40. LynnClue says

    A rich guy.

  41. Butler-of-Penises says

    I would go a step further by clarifying that no one is vilifying *all* rich people. We’re talking about the *SUPER FUCKING RICH* people who *ARE*, with insurmountable evidence, doing the things described in this tweet. It’s not just all fucking rich people. There are variables that are taken into account when vilifying people. These people *should* be vilified because they truly *are* villains and the evidence is undeniable.

  42. thoth-israel says

    Empire theme song from Star Wars kicks in

  43. Rectal_Blast says

    To all the people saying “they’re just playing by the rules,” and all that apologetics for the super rich crap, You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor And Have No Way Out. You like to think everyone had your parents, your neighborhood, your schools. NO. Real people are born into situations that give them Very Few Options.
    Get your solipsistic heads out of your asses.

  44. techsighting says

    Eat the rich

  45. lukeknudson says

    If you have the ability to feed millions of poor people and you choose not to; you’re evil.

  46. theteenten says

    Almost slavery but capitalism encourages you to continue

  47. Mprovin says

    Should somebody working a basic job be paid as much as someone who spent years of hard work and dedication to start a company?

    Could look at it from the perspective that they are creating jobs which wouldn’t haven’t otherwise been there…

  48. Pixeresque says

    A cunt.

  49. Darth1994 says

    Be less Lex Luther and more Bruce Wayne.

  50. Yeeto546 says

    This is a cool white person tweet from r/WhitePeopleTwitter

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