1. Crack_City_Rockers says

    “I want cum”

    I got you Parker Peters

  2. Chipjack says

    “U SUCK LOL”

  3. Scoliosis3 says

    It. There you go.

  4. ChaseMolair says

    I want sex

  5. Viking_Hippie says

    “Lick me, Bo”

  6. mysttiks says

    Note: The captions are SATIRICAL and are not ACTUALLY SAID in the Peter Parker and MJ Kiss Scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Credits to [tonystarxo](https://www.instagram.com/tonystarxo/) from [original post](https://www.instagram.com/p/B5nqQFGFAnh/).

  7. Toledojoe says

    “rim my ass”

  8. LeiMoanJello says

    I need Ben

  9. SuccessfulJob says

    “i’m gay asf”

  10. Sprocketta says

    amm on gus

  11. charoum says

    I am Groot!

  12. MelodicSatisfaction9 says

    But that’s 4 words

  13. sunshadowsburn says

    Uh it’s supposed to be two words and nine letters. Pizza time.

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