1. intoxicapable says

    You thinking what I’m thinking? Aim for the bushes.

  2. Nearly_safe says

    Wile E Coyote would have been proud of that guys performance

  3. MongoloidMike13 says

    Iraqis were obsessed with rappelling and fast roping when I was training them. That’s all the wanted to do. Never mind training on tactics, or how to prolong life in battle. Rappel. Then fast rope. Over and over. Maybe this was why they were so obsessed with it after we got there. Ha

  4. ninhibited says

    “These gloves will protect you”

    “Wow just these gloves and I’ll be fine? Wee!”

  5. _PENTAX_ says

    His form was impeccable though.

  6. cheekytikiroom says

    What was supposed to happen? Was he supposed to grab something? Did someone else mess up?

  7. CodeNameDuchess0069 says

    Aim for the bushes.

  8. donmeanathing says

    The music was a nice touch

  9. subscriber_number_30 says

    how to develop a fear of heights in 5 seconds

  10. Transport_Minister says

    What Could Go (Right?)

  11. OnetB says

    What Could Go Rong

  12. sagesneezes says

    There a page missing in the training manual?

  13. OscarWrite says

    Belly flop 10/10

  14. deezy54 says

    Was NOT expecting that.

  15. V1210 says

    Ahhhh yes. The good ol’ I’ve seen this in the movies

  16. falkio says

    Those were epic gloves with +armor. Too bad he didn’t identified them before.

  17. Silo-Joe says

    This is the MCU way to jump from planes.

  18. duTemplar says

    That’s one way to do it.

    Not a way I recommend, rappelling doesn’t work like that. HALO, yea…

  19. _Doop says

    That music is loud

  20. BurnOutBrighter6 says

    What could go rong spelling rong rong.

  21. MilkeeBongRips says

    Pretty sure I once saw this posted with a link to an article saying he died after from this fall.

  22. Frogman0311 says

    ACEME repelling supplies gets yours while they last

  23. angleHT says

    Maybe extend those pads a bit lol

  24. TelliusAngel says


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