1. No1Czarnian says

    How does 1 cop pull over 2 people?

  2. Significant_Cat_78 says

    I don’t get it. What the hell does the “V” stand for in WCGV???

  3. nathanscottdaniels says

    The hell is pull racing?

  4. Costaricansportsfan says

    Wangan midday

  5. c0rzaaa says

    lame, i want my 12 seconds back

  6. PointlessGrandma says

    Did a big dumb

  7. Bierbart12 says

    I sometimes forget that some places don’t have a nonexistant speed limit on freeways

  8. H8HumanServices says

    Better this than a highway full of wrecked cars and debris everywhere….

  9. i-need-some_milk says

    People who street race are the worst. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit driving between Dallas and Fort Worth at night.

  10. randomredditguy94 says

    Few notes about the video: I found this dusty vid I filmed years ago. Sorry for the crappy filming and vertical, I havent had a dash cam back then. There were no racing footage, I just record it for a few second since I spotted a cool Alfa Romeo 4C. After that they pulled away and the rest is history.

  11. Collective-Bee says

    How did the cop pull over two people?

  12. LostTank84 says

    How did he stop both? I would have thought at least one could get away especially if they never got a look at the actual driver.

  13. MikoGianni says

    The sad music made me sad….for about 3 seconds.

  14. 97sundevil says

    US 60 in Arizona

  15. Rafterk says

    Are these dog seconds?

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