1. yas_sensei says

    They totally need these:


  2. Dousereddit says

    What eventually happened?

  3. SalsaMamba says

    This is killing me. I hate this so much.

  4. Chloejasmin says

    This makes me really sad,, they are so stressed.

  5. Dang44 says

    Looks like someone put a deer crossing sign in the wrong place, the deer are all confused

  6. mrjay8000 says

    How did they get there?

  7. modernDaySparta says

    Reminds me of when the government was concerned by cows in Idaho drinking from ponds and disturbing the beavers. So they built fences around the ponds. The fences prevented the beavers from hauling trees to the ponds, so they left. But at least the cows couldn’t drink the water. Tax dollars at work.

  8. AssBlast6900 says

    That’s really bad for the wildlife. A big road through a forest essentially makes 2 smaller forests and splits the wildlife territory. Especially if you put up 2 fences for no fucking reason.

  9. SquireX says

    Oh Deer. Poor things

  10. MitaJoey20 says

    Oh no. Poor things.

  11. Jansob says

    I’d get out and cut that fence.

  12. issafly says


  13. Bahamut_19 says

    Fences and walls are usually pretty bad for most wildlife

  14. bored-n-browsing says

    Legend has it they are still running back and forth looking for an exit.

  15. MrMaster696 says

    NPCs in Cyberpunk be like

  16. Giaload says

    Looks like me searching for something : “not there ? neither ? Not there again ? Maybe I could verify one more time…”

  17. jonjonesshotgun says

    can you imagine how stressed the poor things are

  18. Airazz says

    One major road near me was recently renovated. They added ramps over the fence for the wild animals. In some other places they install one-way gates [like this](https://i.imgur.com/lpxSDAz.jpeg) so animals can get to the forest but they can’t get back on the road.

  19. Nathan-Stubblefield says

    “Our friendly staff will be glad to help you out. Now, how the hell did you get in?”

  20. stillinthesimulation says

    I just want someone to get out of their car and start pulling down a section of that fence

  21. -whostolemyusername- says

    Why aren’t they jumping? Am I missing something? I’ve seen deer clear fences that tall easily…

  22. Fuckyoumecp2 says

    *Bob, are you sure you read the map right?*

    *Susan, I’m sure, it said to cross here*

    *well, clearly you’re wrong. There’s no where to cross*

    Oh Deer.

  23. HappyButPrivate says

    I’d be jumping out of my car and cutting the fence, I always have tools with me…

  24. xRogueSpetsnaz says

    I totally get out and make a hole for them.

  25. Bag-o-toys says

    So are we to believe they were born and raised on the road?

  26. NWSanta says

    Feel bad for the little gaffers.

  27. fbritt5 says

    That’s a bit sad. Maybe these are private fences. Not very well thought out at all.

  28. Originite says

    The real question is… how did they ended up there?

  29. djeewin says

    How did they get there in the first place?

  30. No-Concert4588 says

    Of course you need to have a fence on both sides. It’s there to prevent animals from going into the road. These however have ended up on the wrong side for some reason and are probably so scared by the cars so they can’t find their way back in.

  31. TailsGamingNM says

    I think we need a subreddit of: WhatHappensNext?
    Sometime i wonder whats going on after i watched the videos.

  32. SkeetersPeters says

    Head deer: “Alright fellas let’s cross this road and go into the wo…
    Wait a minute there’s a fence here. Quick back to the other side!
    Ope nother fence… give it a minute fellas… alright back to the other side!
    What!? Nother fence! Ok fellas let’s give this a minute surely there’ll be a clear path on the other side this time”

  33. cth777 says

    I mean… they got there somehow. Can they not just walk back where they entered? Animals are pretty good at finding their way generally

  34. violentgator says

    This is actually sad. Hope they jumped it or found a way around. I love deer. ):

  35. OhNoBannedAgain says

    What could go wrong *not* building a fence? Those same clearly very stupid deer regularly running into traffic, killing themselves and the occupants of the cars.

    There are better but more expensive options.

  36. mikamitcha says

    Man, if only cameras had a wide angle view that wouldn’t require the constant panning back and forth…

  37. Euler007 says

    A bit late to the the thread, but every area I see that has those has signs with a phone number to call in case of intrusion.

  38. iwillcurecancer says

    “this way! no, this way! yo, where the fuck are you taking us jeremy”

  39. EvryMthrF_ngThrd says

    Deer Pong.

  40. JMarcusM says

    That’s because there’s not a sign telling the deer where to cross at.

  41. NoNewColdWar says

    This fence was likely put up specifically to keep deer out to prevent herbivory. It looks like it’s probably New York or Pennsylvania and in parts of those states the deer population is absolutely out of control. Along with all of the other problems caused by an artificially high deer herd (as in propped up by human agriculture) deer can alter the forest in a very negative way it can make it almost impossible for certain tree species to regenerate. Landowners haven’t really figured out a cost-effective way to prevent deer browse so they use these fences sometimes.

    Edit: I see now it’s clearly not the US, those aren’t whitetails, US plates or road markings and those must be European beech trees. Still, I’m willing to bet the fence was put up to deter browsing

  42. wozmatic says

    wow they are pretty dumb…

    oh can’t go this way, let’s try the other way

    oh can’t go this way either, let’s go back to the side that didn’t work

    oh this didn’t work again, let’s get back to the side that didn’t work

  43. KentuckyNerfHerder says

    I hate this

  44. FJBruiser says

    Someone please kick that fucking fence down.

  45. Truesnake says


    They will spend 20 billion dollars on goggles which army doesn’t needs but they cant build forest mound Bridges for wildlife.

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