1. Potential-Hour-47 says

    I like how they waited for there to be no lights

  2. 25mookie92 says

    She got a spinal adjustment for free

  3. jamessonnycrockett says

    Love it!! She absolutely deserved it. 💯

  4. Atlhou says

    King of the Hill. Played every time we found a hill.

  5. absolute_timewaster says

    She’s very much “pick me!”Ing.. can’t let anyone else be in the spotlight.

    She deserved it.

  6. chimpmansteven says

    Reminds me of Homer and the fire hydrant.

  7. Chirovu says

    im surprised she got up so quickly that looked painful

  8. jod88 says

    U get back what u give to people.

  9. Carston1011 says

    She didn’t get pushed, she got fuckin YOINKED.

    Deserved either way tho

    Edit:I initially saw this while I was outside so I thought she got pulled, seeing it again I see she didn’t. She instead got yeeted.

  10. Edltraud says

    She got what she deserved

  11. mydepressingpoems says


  12. BlueCyberByte says

    Karma is a bitch

  13. Red-E-Westside says

    She’s gonna have the back pain of her life. Well deserved – 10/10.

  14. TheBestNachoGuy says

    Was hoping for a drop kick, did not disappoint.

  15. sassybartender420 says

    That’s what that bitch gets lol

  16. ellajo_xo says


  17. wonderhusky says

    Instant karma

  18. Ewokhunters says

    The wild hoe battles for a mate

  19. Mountain-Drew-76 says

    Sweet, sweet justice.

  20. 2Woodyy says

    The dark knight.

  21. hugatree0643 says

    R/ instantkarma

  22. BernieTheDachshund says

    If the trash can fits, you must kick it.

  23. iStoners says

    King of the castle, King of the castle…I have a chair I have a chair

  24. kunggfury says

    What song is this?

  25. Trabawn says

    Haha nice.

  26. Farquadthefirst says

    I’m just glad the girl that got pushed off twice looks okay. Its just the other on might’ve gotten back aches after this XD

  27. Meatbasketbingo says

    She deserved it.
    This pleases me.

  28. Compressorman says

    Females can really be ruthless to one another. It really makes you glad that they are not large and powerful.

  29. backcrossedboy says

    Well then, time to create a new sub r/killtheflashlightman

  30. subscriber_number_30 says

    wouldn’t be surprised if she pissed blood later, her spine and kidneys broke that graceful fall from grace

  31. learn1thingeveryday says

    Awe that was sweet, I had to watch it 5 times. .

  32. lfatalframel says

    Red sweater guy cowers instead of I don’t attempting to catch or break her fall.

  33. -Freyes says

    r/instantkarma moment

  34. srv50 says

    Her boyfriend shut the lights and did it. Sometimes you have to be sneaky if you wanna get laid later.

  35. uriar says


  36. We_Are_Not_Here says


  37. Strtftr says

    I love the reaction of the guy in the Arizona state hoodie

  38. Bri_IsTheLight says

    Okay but one of the guys totally could have caught the first girl and instead backed up 😂

  39. MoosetheGreat9 says

    can we talk about how they drop kicked it?

  40. GordonFreeman1998 says

    What are all these retards doing?

  41. Gaius_Julius_Salad says

    She lightly pushed the other girl high on the legs in sight to give her time to react, and was savagely.blindsided and fell on her back. This isn’t equal at all the comments are making me cringe

  42. Late3XD says

    That’s gonna leave a mark

  43. khoabear says

    I saw something like this at the zoo once

  44. JVints says

    Spine check

  45. [deleted] says


  46. Limoncello19 says

    I really want to know what happened next.

  47. CaptStegs says

    I wonder what the context is

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