1. SlightBreeze21 says

    Dinner. Doesn’t. Do that

  2. Bmathis6620 says

    Looks like your mom after last night

  3. Swoaft says

    “it was a spooky ghost!” – Randy

  4. FlatBrush7085 says

    Or it got rear ended by a giant cum shot 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Sexycoed1972 says

    People eat hagfish?


  6. bonesofthebrave says

    …and they say that sometimes, on warm summer nights, you can still smell the Hagfish and slime in the air.

  7. lokismiddlenutt says

    Looks more like car hentai to me

  8. ButterbeansInABottle says

    What the fuck were they eating for dinner?

  9. Zakennayo857 says

    AHHH Senpai!

  10. TurdDingus says

    Was Randy Marsh driving?

  11. jbertrand_sr says

    Looks like his car had a happy ending…

  12. bournesto33 says

    Looks like that one non binary person after a frat/sorority party gone wrong

  13. Joe_Van_Bob says

    It was a spooky ghost, ectoplasm, it slimed me!

  14. gonzopyro says

    When you haven’t had sex in 6 months and a girl bends over. Would be a perfect title

  15. itsameamariobro says

    When I rear end your mom.

  16. [deleted] says

    Imagine the smell, that should be written off on that fact alone.

  17. SteelWarrior- says

    Darn, being an Uber eats driver is a stupid idea?

  18. yourwifesbonerdoner says

    Looks like they played biscuits and gravy with that car

  19. Soundgraphy says

    That is a lot of fish for that small of a car

  20. Puzzleheaded-Cat-453 says

    Hagfish accident or Autoerotic bukkake??

  21. DeerGodKnow says

    Then superman that road now watch me Ewwwwwwww

  22. Blitzkrieg2020 says

    Nice culture, not backwards at all!

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