1. backpackwayne says

    That could have gone sooooo much worse.

  2. ThatPolishedTurd says

    Aim for the bushes

  3. LiveFreeOrDai says

    What’s the _right_ way to do this? Scissor lift?

  4. YippieKayYayMrFalcon says

    At least he can put the ladder up against the building now to change the light.

  5. JAy3k1 says

    He knew this was going to end badly with that brief pause, but NOO he carrys on!!

    Although he did have a good dismount, score of 7/10.

  6. Mike_Hat1 says

    Clark Griswold during the summer months

  7. 101x405 says

    Well now he’s gotta fix a wall too

  8. garfinkel1 says

    Are you by chance working at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton PA branch on Slough Ave?

  9. fildapil says

    Wow I was expecting a lot worse!!!

    Props to the person on the ladder…. handled it really well and fell the right way.

    This is something many people wouldn’t walk away from…

  10. shadowst17 says

    I’ve noticed street lamps always seem really easy to break, a human climbing them could easily topple one. Is this intentional to mitigate damage to a car if it was to hit it?

  11. MufcAgs7 says

    Fittingly, it looks like he’s outside Dunder Mifflin.

  12. 555nick says

    Why is he filming ?

  13. Ad4209 says

    Ok I get why this is not advisable and all the comments about using a scissor lift etc …. but seriously this pole should have held if installed correctly yes?

  14. bangersandmosh says

    Maybe if he didn’t have the ladder leaned out 20 ft he would been successful

  15. wozmatic says

    if he didn’t put his ladder at such a ridiculous incline, then less weight would have been pushing the post and he likely would have been fine.

    still dumb tho

  16. troubleschute says

    I have to admit that was not how I imagined it would fail.

  17. deez_old_nutz says

    Any accident you can walk away from is a good accident. 😂

  18. OpenImagination9 says

    Fixed it!

  19. Broseph670 says

    Good save and calm manner on the way down

  20. Jtyle6 says

    I would hide a Scissor Lift or cherry picker for this job..

  21. swerpo says

    This could be on r/nextfuckinglevel , best fall

  22. bink_uk says


  23. Kevinator201 says

    Why was he filming this? Sus

  24. Chill_Guy_99 says

    The way my homie rode that ladder to the wall 😂

  25. mrcrosby4 says

    Physics 101

  26. some_annoying_weeb says

    i thought the ladder would slide or flip over but uhhh guess not?

    is he okay

  27. roymf says

    That’s one flimsy lamp post.

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