1. Kangar says

    That looked rather peaceful until he got nailed by a truck.

  2. Euqcor says

    Hi, yes, insurance? You’re not gonna believe this shit.

  3. stringsndiscs says

    No cars on the road for 100’s of yards… too bad he turned at that exact moment, at that exact angle, going that exact speed. Fuck.

  4. gianthooverpig says

    There *has* to be dash cam footage from the truck. I want to see that

  5. lucluclucluclucl says

    Paraglider pilot here, everything was going fine until he decided to bank a really steep 360 when he should’ve been getting ready to land.

    It’s hard to see, but I’m guessing he was going to overshoot his intended LZ, so he tried to turn in order to stay in the intended field. He was way too low to pull off a 360 like that though, and way too near other hazards like the road.

    What should of happened is a few more S turns earlier in his landing approach to bleed off altitude without having to completely 360 and lose his course/turn into the road.

  6. 6U723EV says

    I never could figure out who has the right of way in these situations – the driver or the flyer?

  7. Fever_Rain says

    I was hit by a car a few years ago and the thing no one talks about is the insane ball/ass pain that follows. Imagine your junk being voilently shifted 4 feet in a second. Your bowels feel like they’re a chamber full of farts, but the farts are blood and razorblades.

  8. Ok_Equivalent_4296 says

    r/fuckyouinparticular material right there

  9. MonkeyLookAway says

    Paralyzing is what I think he was doing.

  10. jbertrand_sr says

    Guys Uber just arrived…

  11. laxguy44 says

    Marty, where we’re going we won’t need roOH GOD A TRUCK!!!

  12. johnny_appletits says

    Me: sells expensive house

    My Boss: way to close

  13. groshretro says

    Too close

  14. tkizzy says


  15. Serious_Contract7116 says

    GTA in a nutshell. Every time I jump out a plane or something in that game the parachute either gets caught on a pole or I get hit by a vehicle

  16. Melodic-Hunter2471 says

    Fuck that! Nobody even try to argue with me that that was technically a pedestrian.

  17. doomsdaysushi says

    We are farmers!

  18. Eat_sleep_doge_ says

    Direct hit !

  19. prophylaxitive says

    Lol, what a fucking idiot.

  20. LAjbird says

    I would’ve drove faster to get more right of way out of his dumb ass. Splat like a bug.

  21. Racewell says

    I cringed when I saw the van.

  22. warwilf says

    How the hell do people not know the difference between too and to?

  23. Domino_Dare-Doll says

    Like a modern day Icarus…

    (Hope everyone involved was ok though??)

  24. beefnard0 says

    He’s fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

  25. Just_Target_5191 says

    “Remember the time I got hit by a truck while paragliding?”

  26. Crushed_Panda says

    Paraplegic gone right

  27. SBCwarrior says

    How many points did he get for hitting a pedestrian? Let alone an airborne one?

  28. CanalRouter says

    “Warning: Graphic Content” > click link impulsively

  29. G07V3 says

    What are the odds that a truck would drive by at the exact moment it did and hit this guy?

  30. Teisterttt says

    It looked like a perfect ‘salto mortale’ at the end!

    Probably landed perfectly on his shattered legs.

  31. Sandy_Hooker_VEVO says

    Literally the only moving car

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