1. bloodsoed says

    If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it.

  2. CrispCrisp says

    Damn my boy ZOOTED outta that spot, left the trunk up and everything lmaoooooo

    Fr tho good on him for going back and checking the situation afterwards, a lot of people would’ve just dipped

  3. sammycarducci says

    Lol that car got the fuck out of dodge

  4. nemom says

    Why is it in neutral if they are “working on the brakes”?

  5. puggylol says

    I see so many people saying if he didnt move the damages would be less. But look at it from the perspective of the dude that moved.. His damage was non existent because he moved..

  6. Egad86 says

    Did the owner just hop out the driver seat and walk away like FML?

  7. AngleGrinder001 says

    A 3mph bumper tap with the suv probably would have really helped that guy out. Just sayin…

  8. pdxchris says

    And that is why your lease probably states you can’t work on your car in the parking lot.

  9. Francine_Sananab says

    All told, that could have been a hell of a lot worse.

  10. kerion3267 says

    Yeah idk what he was working on but I don’t think it was the brakes

  11. netballr says

    This dude in the other car absolutely wins the trophy for situational awareness.

  12. AminJoe says

    Anyone notice that the person working on the car had it parked in a handicapped spot? Not sure if it’s relavent or not, but it would definitely give more swing space to work in. If that the case, I just hope no one with a handicap placard lives there.

  13. ColdStarXV86 says

    That guy running from the other car just was like “Damn, homie”

  14. sheloves_lj says

    That other car just dodged that attempt at a ram

  15. totallylambert says

    That suv must have been covered in butter or Teflon.

  16. ojreadsspam says

    Overall, probably better off letting the trucks bump rather than the building, no?

  17. transmaniacon-MC says

    LoL those 3 guys could have stopped it but watched instead!

  18. BarAccomplished134 says

    I mean there were enough men in that suv to stop a rolling truck.

    Killer action though, saved his insurance rates

  19. JBTriple says

    Dang, that escape was hella clean

  20. mizark1 says

    DAMN, Homie!! 😆😆😂 Finally one with sound, real or added 👏👏👏

  21. Kevinb888 says

    Sooooo, do we not have park???

  22. TheRealOgMark says

    The great escape.

  23. culturedswine1776 says

    I’m not saying I blame him for moving but I’d have just let it hit my vehicle. Just because I would appreciate not having to fenagle my vehicle out of that situation. That’s just me though

  24. Internal_Bill says

    In a handicapped space too?

  25. Pwnzalot says

    Wheel chocks are for noobs!!

  26. Shitty_Users says

    If you live in an apartment complex and don’t have your own garage, don’t work on your fucking car dumbass.

  27. potatoskins94 says

    Surely using the car to block the moving truck would have reduced the damages

  28. SimP_ExEcution says

    Chock -Wow America WOWjust Wow Chock Mustve tried writing Choke but Still that wouldve been WoW
    a simple good fuckin language OVERSIMPLIFIED

  29. StrikeDirect8677 says

    Would’ve been a small fender bender but nooooo the guy had to move lmao.

  30. onlybuyscalls says

    And no one in that car jumped out to try and stop a slow moving car. 🧐

  31. i_bent_my_wookiee says

    “Fukin’ idiot!”

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