1. craptionbot says

    Love the “bleh” at the end when he eventually gives up.

  2. HeadFun76 says

    At least he had some good bros. 👍

  3. PassingJudgement68 says

    Drunk person = dog…..

  4. magnoliamouth says

    I really like how his friends didn’t just laugh and point. They really leapt into action there! Good buddies.

  5. Perescam says

    I love the way his friends did the “taking the non food out of your dogs mouth” thing lol

  6. AnneNonnyMouse says

    I feel like these guys either have baby sitting experience, or dogs, because they jumped into action the same way you would with a child or pet. This idiot has some great friends looking out for him.

  7. Le_polpe says

    It’s ok just give him more alcohol to disinfect his stomach.

  8. waR9449 says

    *dog mode*

  9. jimhabfan says

    I quit drinking about 15 years ago because it seemed I was always doing stupid shit like this when I got drunk. I don’t miss it.

  10. I_Like_Fine_Art says

    Legit just took a chunk out of raw meat. This isn’t Minecraft dude.

  11. Derpazor1 says

    At first glance I thought it was bread. Then no no no!

  12. scottyb83 says

    This was way too much like a dog who got ahold of something.

  13. buddad says

    Too late already.

  14. ShadowFox1289 says

    Of all the things that could go wrong that was not one I was expecting.

  15. Meliodas1124 says

    Those are homies I’d kiss goodnight.

  16. SmollHotPocket says

    Those are good friends man

  17. girl-w-glasses says

    His friends are amazing!!

  18. ketionor says

    Once my drunk friend served drunk me spaghetti and when I bit into It I found loads of broken glass inside 😬

  19. Oh_Pun_Says_Me says

    What, it’s just a fillet of salmon, Ella..

  20. Low-University-1037 says

    Who gave Chad wine coolers?!

  21. EarthboundBlue says

    Those are some really good friends.

  22. Slade26 says

    His friends are fucking awesome

  23. eezy18 says

    Good homies, those are the ones you want to keep for life

  24. RandomUsername623 says

    Im glad I have friends like this guy does. Good friends are hard to come by these days but I really have some brothers and im thankful for that.

  25. Jjrj1986 says

    If you leave dumb people alone, the garden will weed itself.

  26. TerlexX says

    My dog be like:

  27. JakeBuseySpaceMovie says

    WHATS IN YOUR MOUTH? Drop it! Drop it!

  28. BeccaBearCat95 says

    They did him like a damn DOG. 🤣 Super sweet, though.

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