1. VictoryBeours says

    I just need five minutes and I’ll be right back

  2. Dudemitri says

    What exactly did he *think* was gonna happen?

  3. Beware_the_Voodoo says

    “I just need 5 mins to think of a convincing lie to spin this in my favor.”

  4. deekaph says

    Fucking mic drop lol

  5. maloshku says

    You’ve got to be an idiot to try and start another investment club after you’ve been busted and banned from doing so, but if you did feel tempted why would you then invite the worlds most notorious leaker and whistleblower to your online conference? What a tool.

  6. IH82020 says

    “Hmmm Edward Snowden risked his freedom to expose governments lying, he’d probably be game to lie for me though right?”

    Fuckin big brain right there boys

  7. WizardScrumps says

    I am just fascinated by the narcissism bubble. These businessmen can be so self-important that they default to ‘people are gonna just go along with what I say because I am right’. Often because their thought process doesn’t include morality or ethics.

    *My last ethnic cleansing didn’t go to plan, let me get one of the liberators from the last attempt in here to help promote my next one. They’re gonna love the changes I’ve made!*

  8. davidbcohen says

    That. Was. Awesome.

  9. MilkSoCold says

    This is a beautiful display of malicious compliance.

  10. Rocpile94 says

    Why would you invite Snowden to your event when a simple google search reveals you’re selling monorails?

  11. thexpandaman420 says

    What happened after 5 minutes? I need to know!

  12. carnivorous-Vagina says

    Can we pardon Snowden since we pardoned actually murderers

  13. TheRabidBeaver says

    Haha! Well played sir. This guy is a douchebag of epic proportions.

    This was released today and it’s the tip of the iceberg.


  14. astoriabridge says

    “Ryan O” in the chat at 0:00:

    >Ed do you think Covid was orchestrated by world powers?

    “Janet Eyring” in the chat at 0:49:

    >How does Edward feel about Mike Lindell–who is risking his life and fortune–to tell the truth? Frankspeech . com is a place for Whistleblowing. What is your opinion of where this will lead?

    Seems like this wasn’t exactly a gathering of the great minds

  15. marcusmosh says

    That was beautiful. There is such a thing as bad press. Wow!

  16. togsincognito says

    Now Snowden is going to be wanted for Murder too

  17. EyeLikeTheStonk says

    **You have to understand that**

    Many fraudsters do not realize what they are doing is wrong or know it is wrong but adopt the view that “everyone else is doing it” so they can too.

    It is a question of morality:

    Psychopaths are devoid of a moral sense while others will give you the shirt off their back and never even ask for a thank you. There is a wide diversity among the people of a same country regarding their individual moral sense.

    **In this case, the fraudster probably thinks** that defrauding people is the only way to get ahead in life, that to the “strongest goes the spoils”… They are narcissists who only case about their own welfare.

    Like it was said on GoT: “He would see this country burn if he could be the king of ashes”…

  18. Citizen_Graves says

    This video needs sound effects at the end of someone running away off-screen, hurrying into a car and driving off

  19. kickkickpatootie says

    I just need to make a quick exit and transfer some funds.

  20. QuickPlantains says

    Got to love the guy in the chat claiming Mike Lindell is like Snowden because he’s “risking his life and his livelihood to tell the truth” HA

  21. CockGobblin says

    Guy in chat: “Ed do you think Covid was orchestrated by world powers?”

    Seems aboot right that this guy is at a ponzi scheme conference.

  22. magnetix69 says

    This isn’t one of those shady pyramid schemes you’ve been hearing about. No sir. Our model is the trapezoid.

  23. Matthewmoffo says

    “lol this u?”

  24. ConsistentSorbet638 says

    More proof that Edward Snowden is a fucking American hero and needs to be treated as such.

  25. ox45talls says

    Hahahaha haha.. Snowden strikes again!! Love it! True American hero right there folks.

  26. WhereRDaSnacks says

    Oh lord, this comment on the side bar: “How does Edward feel about Mike Lindell who is risking his life and fortune—on telling the truth?”

    Jesus fucking Christ.


    Could someone give a bit of context here?

  28. yrodriguez1123 says

    Boss move.

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