1. Jeddyp says

    A least he’s got some solid peeps jumping to help right away. Don’t see that as often as you should.

  2. AFineDayForScience says

    More than anything, I bet that skinned the shit out of his legs

  3. Howwasitforyou says

    Teeth are over rated anyway.

  4. EyeLikeTheStonk says

    Why are they wearing **shorts on top of their wetsuit?**

  5. rbwheeles5 says

    Was hoping for the triple lindy!

  6. Ecco0201 says

    I’d love to see the after photo of that stunt

  7. BlankZF says

    You’re not going to get the desired results with that type of face lift.

  8. ArtemisFoul76 says

    Ah, the old reverse Louganis. I see he too is a man of culture…

  9. nevets429 says

    Needed whimsical duck stickers on that diving board.

  10. [deleted] says


  11. TheGreatOpoponax says

    There’s an easy guideline when it comes to ensuring things like this don’t happen to you.

    Man-made thing + water = don’t fuck around.

    This goes for fucking around on boats, in and near swimming pools, docks, etc.

  12. madgunner122 says

    Those idiots on the board could have fucked the dude up even more. One thing they teach in lifeguard training is not jump in when somebody has a head,neck, or spinal injury because disturbing the water more will often worsen the damage. Absolute idiots those two friends were

  13. silver_nekode says

    On a scale of meth teeth to christopher reeves, how fucked up is that guy?

  14. chunguspromax says

    In a way, the pool gave him head

  15. Tyrsonswood says

    He had no use for that face anyways…

  16. motorcitysmitty10 says


    Edit: original post deleted for only giving my score before. Apparently they didn’t appreciate the .5

  17. agentSMIITH1 says

    They jumped in to save the guys life, but as often happens in a drowning situation; the victim actually ends up drowning his rescuer. So another guy jumped in to rescue them… and so on

  18. BojanglesDaMonkeh says

    I mean its cool they jumped in right away…but like really? Think he’ll be alright its just a boo boo

  19. CptPieGuy says

    Whelp I’m sure he isnt bored anymore.

  20. cronx42 says

    Well I bet that sucked. Those boards slap back hard and this looked like they turned it up past 11.

  21. phoenixbbs says

    It’s ok, the pool filter will catch his teeth.

  22. phoenixbbs says

    “Liquid lunch ?”
    “I’ll get you a straw”

  23. MuShu-pad says

    Why are so many of them wearing wetsuits in a pool?

  24. Dikki_Hoppenstedt says

    I will never understand why people wear shorts over a wetsuite.

  25. snorkiebarbados says

    That’s going to be one hell of a rash

  26. Pathological_RJ says

    Wriggiddity wrecked

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