1. AniMeagan says

    Looked like it got right on the cheek bone. Ow, but better than the eye..

  2. mrsw2092 says

    You’ll shoot your eye out kid

  3. Peter_55 says

    That’s gonna leave a mark

  4. Dang44 says

    Funny how when the licking begins, things start popping off

  5. dcastanedawl says


  6. Nedaj123 says

    She took off the foil and cage, swished it around in her hands and pointed it at her face. She has never heard of champagne before, apparently.

  7. SedatedApe61 says

    One touch with that tongue and it popped. Yup, just leaving this right here. 😎

  8. nmgonzo says

    Place your thumb on top of the cork, you uncultured savage.

  9. silent_tech_man says

    “let me show you what this tongue can do..”

  10. Miketim123 says

    She’s incredible that bottle only lasted a couple of seconds with that tongue

  11. unbannable4 says

    Her SO is gonna get a lot of dirty looks for a while.

  12. jbertrand_sr says

    She never learns, the last thing she licked like that shot her in the eye also…

  13. lorienne22 says

    That was so satisfying to watch.

  14. foles75 says

    I think she is used to getting those moneyshots

  15. beapledude says

    Drinking is dangerous.

  16. Bostonguy50 says

    She had to give head wearing an eye patch for the next 6 weeks

  17. adam14brfc says

    I heard more people are killed by champagne corks than shark attacks each year

  18. Fallout76stuggles says

    Dammnnn gurl, wat dat tongue do?

  19. Reggielovesbacon says

    Point that thing in a safe direction. Usually it’s good to aim for the tramp stamp, not the face.

  20. Whosagoodboyyyyyy says

    “Please don’t tell the other champagne bottles, it’s just you’re so pretty and it’s been forever”

  21. TruckingThroughLife says

    No joke this just made my week!

  22. Mr_Self_Eraser says

    Damn, her tongue game STRONG

  23. TolliverCrane says

    I covered my kitchen ceiling in champagne the other day, and thought that sucked.

  24. PsyMages says

    Next time only do that if the cork has already been popped or the seal is still completely on……

  25. FoxMulderwastaken says

    Skanks gotta skank.

  26. disasterousturd says

    I’d like to report this, I’m in it and don’t want to be.

  27. CEMENTHE4D says

    Wasent that hot

  28. Xayxay6 says

    chanpange really said some “non of that today”

  29. smrts1080 says

    Probably not the first time she’s had that happen

  30. Treggles_96 says

    Why is her tongue so strong…🙃

  31. Fat-Tofu says

    Teeth out !

  32. ejedus says

    Pow, right in the kisser.

  33. SmokedHamm says

    Not the last shot she will take…

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