1. carlsaischa says

    After analyzing the video carefully I have identified the key mistake he made, he locked himself by the neck to a piece of machinery.

  2. tragicnomadic says

    Seems like no matter what their cause is, you shouldn’t put your body parts into heavy machinery.

  3. Dr_Killbot says

    Hi I’m the lock picking lawyer and today….

  4. TameImpalaIsJust1Guy says

    Those….. Aren’t chickens

  5. Ok_Image6174 says

    Not only that, but why would they give their keys up to put in a big pile???? Like, keep your key, wtf.
    Wow what a bunch of morons.

  6. No-Caterpillar6432 says

    I love how the one activist with the key is too stupid to figure out which key helps the man who’s getting more and more stuck

  7. FitMongoose9 says

    I’m a CNC machinist. I work on fully automated machinery that does complex metal working beyond manual capabilities. Fucking with *LITERALLY ANY KIND* of heavy machinery is a fantastic way to leave a young corpse. From industrial metal working to agriculture, do not take industrial machinery for granted because that shit is way more dangerous than you may realize

  8. Tinfoilfireman says

    Purple 2 go ahead with the original plan LOL really would love to see the back up That must have been a great one as well. Maybe that involved eating their keys

  9. half_baked_biscuit says

    Commitment drops real fast when there’s actual consequences.

  10. Vast_Wonder_4828 says

    *locks head to decapitation machine*
    *machine turns on*
    LOL 😂

  11. Bearrito06 says

    Oh no, they’re gonna kill chickens? We can’t have that, let’s kill ourselves instead!

  12. willietocool says

    “I understand your at peace but your fucking up everything”

  13. An8thOfFeanor says

    What could go wrong chaining yourself to a machine designed to kill things?

  14. FalconFiveZeroNine says

    Looks like they could use the tool Bosnian Bill and LockPickingLawyer made.

  15. aerozeppelinn says

    If that guy did die, who would be legally at fault?

  16. -stay- says

    The guy who went to save the chickens ended up standing all over the chicks

  17. dr_Bar-mental says

    WTF they were trying to do???

  18. Individual_Tour5294 says

    It was a crap show from the beginning. Yeah lock my neck in a bike lock and keep the key. Sure I trust ya!!!!

  19. mrstruong says

    The guy pretending this is a military op is prime r/Cringetopia

  20. WargamingsWhippnBoy says

    “Purple 2 go with your original plan over”


  21. CursedBroccoli says

    WOW. Farm animals could use better advocates.

  22. tradec1500 says

    The new Saw movie looks great.

  23. AchYerAuldBallix says

    Haha. Wanker.

  24. leon666haze says

    I am a vegan. This made me big cringe.

  25. Zorcky-2C says

    “I understand you’re in peace, but you’re fucking retarded” hahaha

  26. picklerick_bitch says

    Does anyone else get really annoyed whenever there’s someone just screaming their head off during situations like this. It’s not only unhelpful, but generally makes the situation worse because it prevents people from thinking or figuring out the right thing to do.

  27. kovaht says

    I’m watching this with sound off and it’s very confusing. Are the people who normally work there at the plant in on it? Like, why is it a big mystery that the machines are moving or how to get the people out.

    If everyone is in on it, how is it dangerous? just don’t turn the machine on?

    If the protesters just stormed the place and did that, wouldn’t the workers be like “holy shit I don’t want to kill anyone, i’ll turn the machine off”

    The machine seems to be like…half on and half off. It kinda moves a tiny bit…sometimes? Was someone tryin to move it to showcase how it worked or was another worker unaware of the humans in there?

    I really gotta watch this with sound on.

  28. russainboi says

    And that’s why idiots die young

  29. DecisionGlittering says

    Isn’t this trespassing

  30. OreoCrustedSausageII says

    Why do animal rights activists have to have such creative weird protests? Just hold up signs and yell like everyone else, don’t gotta turn it into a big art statement thing.

  31. Theoldelf says

    Who in the hell thought this was a good idea?

  32. smigs714 says

    Fucking chicken fuckers

  33. Still-Vermicelli2219 says


  34. mashedcat says

    Did that go the way you thought it was gonna go?

  35. vinceforce1 says

    This was a episode of 9-1-1

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