1. I_Am_Coopa says

    Bro just fucking let go…

  2. jagillig says

    This is a great representation of all my problems hitting me as soon as I leave my house in the morning

  3. ObeseUsa says

    Just let go?

  4. limbtz says

    Ah, act of a fool!

  5. fakboislim says

    Gotta love gate duty on a construction site

  6. PWDKSE says

    Music makes this clip 😅😅

  7. Uncle_BennyS says

    Isn’t this sub supposed to be for stupid shit? He has to open the gate, it’s his job. This is just a regular fail.

  8. mistalk says

    I love the Pokémon battle energy of the music

  9. MatiGGFG says

    looks fun af

  10. Deonix says

    Mother Russia!

  11. FelissLeo says


  12. Schemen123 says

    Dude! Well wasn’t his fault i hope he is ok.

  13. justluck_89 says

    I thought Selena was playing in the beginning

  14. neonscarecrow says

    It’s essentially liking riding the boom on a sail boat.

  15. EcaFace says

    He did that on purpose

  16. transmaniacon-MC says

    Too worried about getting his shoes muddy!

  17. reynakmz says

    if you love me let me goooo

  18. aayush115 says

    This is some 2015 social experiment video type music

  19. slake21 says

    This guy never watched Frozen

  20. FixOk5067 says

    is this in portland at a tow truck yard??

  21. kadarik78 says

    to me it happens every week when I want to park my car

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