1. jhuston44 says

    I like the guy in the car – “you’re good, you’re good, you’re good . . .”

  2. Apprehensive-Mud5356 says

    Everybody present: “I’m fine with this.”

  3. TCP_Tree says

    Tow truck driver: “Eh it’ll buff out”

  4. TakeADrag says

    Now I know why it’s free towing.

  5. UCBeef says

    Those 4 12mm bolts are the real MVP’s

  6. GoodWillGustin says

    Why not just back up the tow truck REALLY FAST so it scoops up the car??

    edit: thanks for the awards guys, you’ve made a Lurker’s dream come true!

  7. FLUFFY_Lobster says

    First and last day as a tow truck driver

  8. rancryst says

    We’re gonna have to charge extra for that ass backwards air scoop we “fabricated” for you.

  9. No1Czarnian says

    When you call in so your boss goes and does your job but doesn’t have a fuckin clue what he’s doing

  10. nekrossai says

    That’s clearly a later problem

  11. dogatemycomputer says

    I own a tow company.

    I have seen this.

    I have seen cars towed while still in park or reverse.

    I have seen vehicle back a utility trailer to a car, drop the trailer, drive behind the vehicle to be towed and simply power throttle the vehicle onto the utility trailer. Obviously this will cause substantial damage to the vehicle doing the pushing. In most cases the trailer axles will snap under the weight. My favorite is some utility trailers with tall sides trap the driver inside the car.

    Another favorite is pickup owner calls, requests a tow then says they won’t pay but their friends will tow them. Towing vehicle is subsequently connected to disabled vehicle with a metal wire. One of two things happen. 1) Wire snaps with enough force to rip a huge hole into one of the vehicles. 2) or much more common disabled vehicle loses power brakes, towing vehicle stops and the disabled vehicle slams into the towing vehicle at a high rate of speed. Now I have 2 customers.

    I have lots of other funny stories.

  12. Scheisse_Schnitzel says

    “That? No, it was already like that when I got here.”
    – tow truck guy

  13. DogfishDave says

    The guy in the car is the one controlling the winch, that’s why he’s not bothered. I’d say he’s collecting it for scrap.

  14. demonachizer says

    100% guarantee they are junking it and don’t care.

  15. Now_and_Then_9th says

    Stay strong little hood.

  16. Chyaoski says

    Chill everyone its not a car its a peugeot

  17. Scrambled_eggerer says

    You know that saying “If it works it’s not stupid”?

    It’s wrong.

  18. Flimsy-Rutabaga says

    Video was cut short. That is a dent resistant hood. It will snap right back to original shape once unhooked.

  19. Redstormstj says

    Why isn’t the guy in the car not like yelling or anything like that?

  20. fbritt5 says

    At least he never gave up. If you play the stupid card, play it all the way!

  21. transmaniacon-MC says

    Wow unbelievable! Now I see why the truck doesn’t have a rear window! LoL

  22. tonyocampo says

    I can’t believe it even made it up the ramp

  23. randomlemon9192 says

    At no point did anyone say, wait a minute.

  24. Eazer27 says

    All the fucking tow truck experts in the thread, even if there were going to crush this car down to a cube, you dont fucking hook onto the hood like that!

    Thats a super easy way for the hood to tear off and the hook to go flying into someone or into the back of the truck. Whoever set that up has a bad idea of what they are doing

  25. mutachuta says

    The little hood that could

  26. NoahTwist says

    100% fake. No chance that a pegeout owner dont know how to towing his car. They do this every week.

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