1. wbeats says

    The question is, what is going on with those cupboards? Are they just cardboard boxes being used as kitchen cupboards??

  2. KeepYourPresets says

    We’re all going to ignore that ridiculous cupboard layout?

  3. RealReek says

    She should get red card due to serious foul play. Where is VAR?

  4. OversensitiveRhubarb says

    When your first reaction is hitting someone.

  5. micka_88 says

    Very very set up

  6. na3than says

    Nothing went wrong. When you stage a video, and everyone plays their part, as it turns out exactly as scripted, NOTHING WENT WRONG.

  7. DocHoliday96 says

    Domestic violence is always funny when it’s a man getting the abuse

  8. jordang61 says

    Guy has a mean wife

  9. Cannelonni says

    She just removed his legs like a surgeon

  10. MissDaphneAlice says

    Domestic violence is so funny. 🙄

  11. Molotov_Cokteese says

    American here, I saw “football” and assumed he was about to tackle the oven or something.

  12. JustTurtleSoup says

    Idk this actually makes me mad. Doesn’t seem like a playful knock it off kick and she seems indifferent with him hitting the ground.

    He also looks fearful and not in a “lol wides mad” kind of way.

  13. According-Switch-708 says

    That kick was uncalled for.

  14. iAmManchee says

    This ain’t cool, if the genders were reversed people would be up in arms about the ‘assault’

  15. Lastaction_Zero says

    Why do they have a video recording device setup in their kitchen?

  16. ARandomEggman says

    If that is real, she is a cunt.

  17. Aek0E says

    The woman is abusive, he should leave her if that’s her reaction.

  18. MizchiefKilz says

    Imagine the man doing that to the woman. Dude would be thrown under the jail.

  19. pizzahermit says

    Is obviuos who has done some type of sport.

  20. Stabby_Feminist says

    Wow. Not a single comment on this being domestic abuse?

  21. GrimreaperAZ says

    That’s clearly a foul.

  22. BezimjennyBez says

    God, that must have been a painfull kick

  23. NotFishFcker says

    Im happy no real accident happened… I thought someone would get distracted and something would catch on fire or sth

  24. Brantguy99 says

    She has been waiting for that moment a long time.

  25. passengerofthe says

    damn she really kicked him

  26. MissDaphneAlice says

    What could go wrong living with an abusive person?

  27. Otherside-Dav says

    Wow domestic abuse

  28. MissDaphneAlice says

    Blaming the victim is okay if they’re male. 😁

  29. conciseone says

    Ha! Fat people!

  30. pikirito says

    Staged is obviously staged

  31. Lucas3226 says

    He should’ve kicked her ass for that shit!

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