1. fallen_idle says

    Can’t believe he held onto the damn thing

  2. K-Raz1226 says

    “Uggghhh Fuck”

  3. ThroughTheAir2020 says

    Kid took it like a champ

  4. mskvzdt says

    He pushed that kid right into puberty… that deep voice saying “Oh fuck” was the kid.

  5. JustAFluffyDude says

    My mans nuts are never gonna drop after those hits

  6. squeevey says

    He’s in the Girl Scouts now.

  7. Dopamine_Dan says

    That thing sounds like it belongs in Star Wars

  8. Sexy_Squid89 says

    Whoopsie doodle!

  9. agentSMIITH1 says

    Ooof. That’s gotta hoit

  10. nowtayneicangetinto says

    double dip nut hit

  11. Puzzled_Resident1437 says

    Did anyone else think he was under 12 before he said “fuck”?

  12. The_Infectious_Lerp says

    He earned his sterilization badge.

  13. 3CPod says

    Well now I gotta clean my phone, laptop and tv off cause I just laugh spat my pizza 🍕all over them 🤣

  14. rdrunner_74 says

    Dad here…


    We have a zip-line(?) like that in our local animal park. I pushed my ~6 year old son with FULL throttle down the line. The stop almost looked like that, but he let go, landed with full summersault on his face.

    My wife was shocked… But my son wanted to have another go. Also other kids, to the shock of their mothers, asked me to give them a good start also. I have no clue why the other moms were shaking their heads though 😀

  15. Ecco0201 says

    There’s a few kids at our park I’d love to do this to.

  16. Unrection says

    He was going for his wrastlin merit badge.

  17. 668greenapple says

    Total big brother move

  18. TexasIPA says

    Get rekt

  19. Mosiedog says

    Wonder which scout earned a first aid badge that day?

  20. 0utlawl says

    He is a man now

  21. Cat_Meowy_3 says

    Ah the good old days of BSA

  22. Funxone says

    That’s why you add a stopper on the line well before the actual end.

  23. This-is-not-eric says

    “awhh, fuck.!”

  24. dylanthecreeper44 says

    360 i guess

  25. OreoCrustedSausageII says

    I used to do that all the time, sure we got hurt, but it was fun!

  26. chammer36 says

    This is what Boy Scouts is all about

  27. PuddinJohn says

    We’ve all thought about it happening

  28. RagnarTheYounger says

    Went to the water park in my city with 3 other adult mates. We went on the hydroslide, we used our mats to fill the tub leading into the enclosed slide with water then we all went down the slide with a massive torrent of water, the very last corner before you’re spit out on the bottom pool is sharp and usually throws you a little. We got rag dolled lol. I land on my side after going around that corner then into the pool.

    10/10 would do it again.

  29. OctoOrPlatypus says

    That boy scout just became an eagle scout

  30. metman939 says

    Everything about this makes me think of that clip that Paul Rudd shows on Conan! I’m dying over here lol!

  31. Panlakey says

    Park: Summer Park idk name

  32. __Holo__ says

    Oauer Fack is the most relatable thibg

  33. LoneNightRider says

    I did something similar with my 4 year old son (pushed way too fast). He got really high in the air but held on. All the mothers on the playground were silently judging me.

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