1. smoebob99 says

    Guess he removed the brake pedal to.

  2. Wyvern_68 says

    You will ruin your car’s clock spring doing that.

  3. kornaz says

    Also, funny how this idiot in the video tried to steer with his hand lol

  4. B-57 says

    You don’t need steering to break..

  5. Lithium-Ryan-Battery says

    I remember when this happened to Dale Jr.


  6. Anonymous420smoker says

    I already posted this here

  7. Ok_Image6174 says

    And the Darwin award goes to…

  8. ChatiusMaximus says

    So glad these cameras weren’t everywhere when I was a teen. Had a buddy who used to turn off his Datsun truck on the freeway and then turn the ignition back on and presto, it was running again (never took it out of gear). Haha, stupid kid shit.

    One night, he’s dicking around and takes the key all the way out of the ignition… then drops it. While he’s feeling around for it on the floor, the steering wheel lock kicks in. But for the grace of the automotive gods the freeway curved just the correct direction as the truck plowed in the one and only direction it was going to go at 70mph until he found the key and unlocked the wheel. We all thought we were gunna buy the farm that night, I tell you.

  9. PotatoePotaughto says

    An improved title for once!

  10. transmaniacon-MC says

    And in the rain

  11. kornaz says

    I remember my neighbor’s steering wheel came off (no, he didn’t do it on purpose). Saw him come home driving with pliers lol

  12. herogaming282 says

    In soviet russia we dont use steering weel

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