1. SilverSocket says

    The way he immediately over corrected..I might be wrong but this *screams* alcohol to me.

  2. Some_Dude84 says

    Wasn’t speeding. Just can’t drive for shit

  3. pinguinocappuccino says

    You guys just can’t see the invisible slalom course

  4. CaptainPikePeaks says

    Jake from State Farm is going to enjoy this very much

  5. Azar002 says

    Woulda been great if she pushed the button and grabbed a ticket.

  6. 668greenapple says

    How does someone fuck something that absurdly easy up that absurdly badly?

  7. RadioactiveSpoon_ says

    Bro I’ve already told you not to show them a clip of my Forza driving

  8. CallmeRody1 says

    How do you manage to over steer three times into a wall

  9. Dang44 says

    Better there then out in traffic I guess…

  10. Silo-Joe says

    Now he can’t get a ticket from the parking machine and will need to pay full price when he exits.

  11. knighthawk0811 says


  12. onebaldyball says

    Not much more than that!

  13. -ratmeat- says

    What a fucking mess

  14. Madhatter25224 says

    Dont brake.

    Dont do it!

  15. Mike_Hat1 says

    Video would have been even better if he rolled down his window and took a ticket like everything is normal.

  16. Samitch_King says

    Pong: car edition

  17. aetherconfab says

    W* m* n moment

  18. pink_life69 says

    I bet his middle name starts with R and ends with ETARD.

  19. restlessleg says

    must be from chicago

  20. Nasty5727 says

    Make or female driver ?

  21. WirelessVinyl says


  22. Due_Cat_161 says


  23. rossco2302 says

    “What was that song from the film Tommy called again? You know, I think the Who sang it”

    “I got you bro, here’s a clue…

  24. kennacl says

    Thought this was r/idiotsincars for a second there, seems like someone needs to relearn how to drive

  25. gidneyandcloyd says

    That’s what I call doing a bang up job of parking.

  26. leadguppy99 says

    Car brand checks out

  27. KittieKollapse says

    Looks like me driving in one of my dreams

  28. r0ckydog says

    Austin Powers

  29. GingerBreadRacing says

    That’s just poor/possibly impaired driving.

  30. -Gravemoss29- says

    Fits like a glove…

  31. therewillbeniccage says

    I am sensing the driver is drunk as a skunk

  32. Makodragon2 says

    “Pinball noises”

  33. BergaGaming says

    When you drive with keyboard

  34. aworldfullofcoups says


  35. WinterBourne25 says

    Doesn’t even seem to be going too fast at first. She just never slowed down, ever.

  36. PeterParker72 says

    How do people like this get a license?

  37. abbassav says

    Since there’s no sound i would like to imagine the car just went BOING… BOING… BOING…

  38. juanito_f90 says

    The moron still has their foot on the throttle after the second impact.

  39. RecLuse415 says

    Dumb bitch

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