1. redshoeMD says

    Anyone operating a forklift needs to have a basic understanding of physics…

  2. totallylambert says

    That could have gone very very badly had this been a glass factory.

  3. gwhitt32 says

    Soft landing lucky. Operated should of tilted the forks back some dumb on all party’s

  4. jbertrand_sr says

    Let me introduce you to centrifugal force…

  5. Historical-Dot9492 says


  6. plasmapleasure says

    Did this boi died ?

  7. GenCorrosive says

    Tag your NSFW, please

  8. beefnard0 says

    I was expecting the forks to end up halving the people on them. r/couldhavebeenworse

  9. meatball_685 says

    Forgot to tilt…

  10. Avgjoe80 says

    He got off easy, compared to some of the outcomes I’ve seen on here..

  11. LastDawnOfMan says

    Idiot was damned lucky to land on something besides just the floor — Many warehouse floors are super-hardened to withstand the heavy equipment driving on them all day, are much more vicious landing surfaces than ordinary concrete.

  12. Gluten_Tolerant_2 says

    People like this are why training videos are mandatory

  13. Ok-Elderberry-7615 says

    Is this what the shipping companies do with my stuff before delivering it?

  14. c0rzaaa says

    man, these wcgw are getting so lame

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