1. Dellz51_50 says

    Hits the only other car in that empty parking lot.

  2. smm94b says

    Reminds me of that Bob’s Burgers where Tina hits the only car in the lot

  3. Cromslor_ says


  4. FerociousPancake says

    I thought this was gonna go far, FAR worse

  5. manikDirt says

    Holy shit, I consider that person lucky.

  6. Dang44 says

    Who would have ever though that plastic toy couldn’t withstand being pulled around like that

  7. bananaking9 says

    That’s a nice demonstration of tangential velocity in circular motion.

  8. RunningWithSecateurs says

    Flying the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag on a toy car while catapulting it across the parking lot with your young child on it.
    If anyone ever asks me what does the phrase “‘murica” means I’ll know what to show them.

  9. Pedizzal says

    That was a lot of fun until it wasn’t.

  10. Dang44 says

    There may be some wooplash happinin after that

  11. LordOvrkill says

    Damn car got in the way

  12. Lopsided-Ad-4524 says


  13. jaysv12 says


  14. wholewheatscythe says

    That was a pretty awesome slide though, went all the way to the end of the lot without rolling.

  15. Bearrito06 says

    Of course he hits the ONLY OTHER CAR

  16. Teckknight says

    Empty lot save one car, and he hits it.

  17. BayBby says

    Perfect use of the don’t tread on me flag

  18. docityre says

    I thought I was watching a clip from David Dobrik’s vlogs when i saw this. Glad that it isnt lmao.

  19. NuclearSlushie says

    That flag is the cherry on top🤣

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