1. 6U723EV says

    The thing is, I never doubted that Trevors rod had plenty of flex to it.

  2. ARobertNotABob says

    In my younger days, I had this 6ft glassfibre boat rod. Told my mate it could handle a shark. Showed him this by bending against the ceiling towards 45deg … went too far and the metal ferrule split and that was that. We still laugh about it 40 years later.

  3. midnightthrow1992 says

    Wow you can actually see him dying inside

  4. cwlhuch says

    Bobby Bacala will be pissed off

  5. Speruda says

    Enough of the fat shaming … let’s talk about the stupid “No Step On Snek” hat.

  6. rojo-perro says

    His cap definitely says ‘don’t read to me’

  7. doctordowntown99 says

    He didn’t know his own strength

  8. funkecho says

    Man, that’s a pos rod.

  9. bradmanman says

    I almost felt sorry for him, then I saw the hat.

  10. Tryypod909 says

    Well his hat says everything you need to know about him lol

  11. Buttcavetroll says

    Now he’s gonna starving, he don’t know how to catch fish without fishing rod

  12. MysticMarbles says

    Never flex by hand. Always place the tip top on the ground and flex using the handle, to keep the force evenly distributed across the entire rod.

  13. mb0205 says

    As a fisherman it pains me to see someone bending a rod like that… Never just bend the tip of the rod over like that. More of the rod is supposed to load up with the weight. What a dumbass

  14. Diresword says

    Perfect demonstration as to why you should NOT highstick a fish (hold the pole upwards with a fish on close to you). They aren’t meant to bend like that, Ugly Sticks are super flexible and can flex nearly back to the pole, but has no backbone. 99% of rods don’t do that, and shouldn’t be flexed more than 90 degrees

  15. H8HumanServices says

    Don’t tread on my pole

  16. FlockYourWheat says

    Never bend past 90 degrees, even when fighting a fish. Hint: it’s called ANGLING!

  17. HerrFledermaus says

    Doesn’t matter anyway, he already ate the whole lake.

  18. Zuutron says


  19. Thepoopcop says

    Libertarian brain

  20. ijuanaspearfish says

    Yeah not a good way to check the bend in any rod

  21. TrainOfThought6 says

    Give a man a fish, and he’ll be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish, and his dumbass kid will break the fishing rod for no other reason than being fucking stupid.

  22. johnboy2978 says

    Meh, I don’t think he’s eating much fish anyway.

  23. sbrider11 says

    Seriously. Kid is on the fast track to diabetes. Hope he thinks about catching a few salads and shedding the lbs while still young.

    It’s other pandemic not being discussed enough.

  24. Busted_Guy says


  25. Commie_EntSniper says

    Little Proud Boy not so proud of his self-assessed superior knowledge.

  26. tone63 says

    Ok so the obese child is a tea-bagger slash trump supporter, so now that that is outta the way Fuck em! And his pole too!

  27. Francine_Sananab says

    People might think he’s dumb for this, but even a relatively cheap fishing rod should be able to handle a bend like that.

  28. J4ythulhu says


  29. RocketPowerdButtPlug says

    Dude this kids like ten years old I doubt he knows what that hat “means” and even if he does you should feel sorry that the people raising him are so stupid that they’ve put that shit into his head. Sitting on reddit ridiculing a kid half your age isn’t making the world a better place ffs.

  30. Pepper9187 says

    One pro advise for him :

    Whatever fish you catch, please don’t fry it, steam it, for your own good.

  31. drchippy18 says

    Looks like he treaded on himself with that hat.

  32. JayDizzleDee says

    Serves him right for wearing those camo crocs

  33. ag_an_deireadh_an_la says

    Awh, can we buy him a new rod?

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