1. dchipy says

    Enjoy your concussion and 2 min for unsportsmanlike conduct

  2. Ddesh says

    It probably wasn’t a good idea for the guy to telegraph his exact intentions eight strides before he could possibly reach the player. On the plus side, he probably avoided a charging penalty by concussing himself.

  3. swizard98 says

    The internet is a crazy thing. Kid got bullied pretty mercilessly after making it on ESPN not top 10! Maybe don’t try to telegraph a late hit after a whistle when you’re already being blown out double digits by a better team?

  4. LordEdgeward_TheTurd says

    Thats how I use to stop on roller skates.

  5. adam_lorenz927 says

    Someone smarter then me needs to edit in a matador. Ole!

  6. MorrisonsLament says

    I like the one guy who immediately stands up and points, like I to think he’s going: “Ha, ha!” in a Nelson Muntz voice

  7. Potential_Wing9940 says

    Pretty satisfying. I hate assholes who are just trying to injure others.

  8. Ner1d says

    Someone took a 10+ step charge at me once in high school and when I noticed it I only had time to quickly squat down and the dude went flying over my head. The entire arena roared with laughter and the ref gave me a penalty for tripping. If that ref was calling this game I guess he would have given the player in white a penalty for interfering with the charge or maybe even boarding.

  9. _HystErica_ says

    Hahahaha dude saw him coming and pulled away at the last second. Enjoy your concussion tough guy!

  10. therapeuticstir says

    Worth it.

  11. JohnnyDrama21 says

    That should be a 5 for charging even if he missed. That shit could have been BAD for the other player.

  12. gratzejk says

    Happy Gilmore stuff there

  13. mossberbb says

    pivoting drills paying off

  14. KrispityKritter says

    Isn’t instant karma the m-effing best?

  15. Sootootoo says

    I don’t understand the intricacies of this gentleman’s sport… But why does the red team guy go after a completely different white team guy than the one who his his mate?

  16. masonboam says

    I see this video way more often than I thought I ever would. I’m actually on the ice in this and I remember the kid that hit the glass was so concussed he had problems getting off the ice. He made it onto ESPN not top 10 for the week and then made it onto the not top 10 a second time when a goalie cleaned his clock on a penalty shot. He used to be a pretty chippy guy but this for sure changed changed him a bit 😂

  17. HolyHand_Grenade says

    Travis Roy, he was an amazing hockey player from my home town, Freshman year at a division 1 school he went head first into the wall making a check and became paralyzed, he recently passes away at maybe 40 due to complications from his injury. Don’t check like this.

  18. PubeyWeed says

    s m a s h e d

  19. pat-pat-says-the-cat says

    He got owned. That guy may recover from whatever concussion or bloody nose he gets but is never gonna recover from the embarrassment.

  20. ProfessorPanga says

    I know nothing about ice hockey so please bear with me. Didn’t the other guy before di the same thing (but didn’t miss)? Or is it one of those “technicality” thingies?

  21. Nallutka says

    Lol, dumbasshole

  22. jbertrand_sr says

    Gave him the old Ole…

  23. 7452mlc says

    Well he can’t say that he wasn’t using his Head

  24. Fellattio_Nelson says

    What a twat.

  25. tothesource says

    Hahah the guy even gets an old fashioned Ha-Ha!

  26. Dang44 says

    Best move of the game

  27. Zackville says

    The humiliation hits harder than that wall

  28. resped says


  29. Burdoggle says

    Attempted boarding. Well deserved.

  30. killspammers says

    The guy in white did a Wayne Gretzky move, let the red guy commit to the act and slide out of the way…

  31. Kjellvis says

    Missed me bitch!

  32. MamboNumber5Guy says

    Probably got a charging penalty on top of the concussion.

  33. Cwoody18 says

    As an average beer league duster this is easily the dumbest thing you could have done. Why did he skate full speed at a dude? Just don’t. That kid that dodged that should play professional dodgeball or something

  34. Toph-Builds-the-fire says

    Its like he forgot the other players are allowed to move.

  35. Kalan77 says

    That’s definitely charging. The amount of stride he took before.

  36. YaGirlLo says

    People really say that football’s the most dangerous sport when hockey exists

  37. Tom143748830 says

    Now it’s time to post this in r/yesyesyesno and r/nononoyes /s

  38. Athleco says

    You know the red team got pissed and started a fight after this.

  39. EverythingsZen says

    That’s why you always keep your head up

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