1. Random_2019 says

    That guy: “I’ll send a cone to the moon.”

    That water jug: “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

  2. randomreddittag says

    If by saying moon he meant face then that was incredibly accurate.

  3. Professional_Ear_487 says

    Gotta love a dude in a romper and a man bun getting blasted🤣

    Edit for the romper police:
    Gotta love seeing dudes in two distinct but matching articles of clothing and a man bun get blasted?

  4. rollin30s says

    The sound at the end left me awkwardly satisfied

  5. -NotSorryReeses- says

    The delayed “ow” at the end got me.

  6. SatansCatfish says


  7. GroundWire6AWG says

    For his sake, I hope that was vinegar and baking soda and not aluminum foil and Drano.

  8. LeMusTardTigeR90 says

    To the moon Alice….TO THE MOON!!!

  9. neonneprose says

    he tried to make a rocket, what he actually made was more like a frag grenade

  10. ShrunkenQuasar says

    Nah, you launching yourself into a hospital.

  11. jbertrandsr says

    Luckily he had on his safety glasses…

  12. baby_chameleon says

    At least he had eye protection. Manz been watching Smarter Every Day

  13. mhermanos says

    And that’s how you go partially deaf at 24 years old. T minus 66 years to enjoy a dulled life.

  14. poppa_koils says

    Did something similar with some dry ice. Put it on the balcony until it popped. Wholly fuck was it loud!

    I had to go out and do the investigation with the other neighbors to see what the hell happened, lol.

  15. SetoXlll says

    What a fucking dumbass


    Satisfaction at its peak

  17. Tarot650 says

    Is that Clem Fandango?

  18. IllSeaworthiness43 says


  19. Lancerat says

    I knew it wasn’t going to end well, I just didn’t know how hard it would be. I can say I’m not disappointed.

  20. writers-blockade says


  21. AzkabanResident says

    iirc there was a guy who launches an anvil the same way. Yea, you guys heard it right, an **anvil**.

  22. kianbateman says

    Little did he know but he was actually the cone who was send to the moon.

  23. bloodguard says

    Always take the time to observe a dude sporting a man-bun. Hilarious idiocy will always ensue.

  24. ah0yp0lll0i says

    Very few will get the “to the moon” reference.

  25. kirasbook1 says

    Every time I listen to r/wallstreetbets .

  26. Shockingly_White says

    God punishing him for having a man-bun

  27. Blew-By-U says


  28. HotSauceInMyBag20 says

    My boy was yeeted out of there

  29. Jackthedog130 says

    Knocked the silly shit outta that one, pleasant dreams…

  30. _gmmaann_ says

    What the hell even happened lmao

  31. RedditIsDogshit1 says

    Shoulda attatched a Dogecoin to the top. I hear that things headed straight there

  32. TryingNotToBeBad says

    Next series if Task Master looks good

  33. awfuckshit says

    The only thing that got sent to the moon were those sunglasses

  34. CeReaLKi77a says

    At least he was wearing PPE.

  35. Cherno-alpha01 says

    The way he set everything up makes me think os Sid from toy story

  36. Yakassa says

    Oh, so thats what Blue Origin has been up to!

  37. Biotaurus says

    Wait a minute i think i hear this sound effect before

  38. Champrt78 says

    Not the first tine hes been blasted in the face…..

  39. BreakingSinister says

    Did he get his clothes from the moon?

  40. Simon_Says_2021 says

    Needs some narration by Werner Herzog to underline its pathos….

  41. SeniorFuzzyPants says

    Aight, that’s settles it. He’s drunk.

  42. struikhaar says


  43. Boredum_Allergy says

    Maybe he should not have tightened the cap quite so much.

    He should try it again with a slightly less tightened cap and keep trying it until it works out or he’s knocked unconscious.

  44. kariolaoxford says

    In his defense, the moon was hanging super low in the Eastern sky at the time

  45. svtboxer says

    At least he tried!

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