1. MadMax10956 says

    That’s some crappy drywall.

  2. Dang44 says

    Looked like he was gearing up for some stellar moves… the wall kinda killed the buzz I’m sure

  3. blondebahamamama says

    Americans with their houses built from matches and paper.

  4. 6U723EV says

    At least he’s working on his craft – fixing drywall.

  5. aayush115 says

    Was that shit soaked with water

  6. Its0nlyRocketScience says

    That has got to be the weakest wall I’ve ever seen, would that even meet most US building codes?

  7. datastrike66 says

    The house of the first little pig!

  8. papa1775 says

    3/8″ drywall on 32″ o.c. studs. Bet they’re 2x3s, too.

  9. Khfbr21 says

    These paper walls when u r not in Brazil

  10. Independent_Wrap_321 says

    I felt his pain the moment I saw those ridiculous shoes.

  11. vanlykin says

    Moms gonna kill me

  12. Sneakers_n_Suits says

    That drywall is made of Elmers glue and paper! Those sneakers need the trash can!

  13. beanosed says

    Busted his wall trying to bust a move

  14. booger_smash_IV says

    Thinking(*yeah this is gonna be the next viral video*) you got what wanted, just not how you wanted

  15. Zuutron says

    Your gay ass pants, hat and shoes can’t fix stupid.

  16. AfroUchiha7832 says

    I want adult light up shoes now.

  17. WrathOfThePuffin says

    That’s not a german wall, that’s for sure.

  18. Deonix says

    For a very long time I want to ask one question to the residents of the United States. Are your houses made of fucking paper? Why are there so many videos of people breaking walls with their bare hands or the weight of their own bodies? I had drywall walls at home, but they didn’t break like that.

  19. angrymoondotnet says

    You can’t tell he’s a bitch because the look on his face of one who knows he can’t fix that.

  20. Tangledmassofcurls says

    Prolonged stare at hole in wall: has no effect dude

  21. pummisher says

    More like cardboard.

  22. syndicate711 says

    What are thooooooose?

  23. H8HumanServices says

    I’ll give you $15 for those pants and those shoes. That should get you enough to buy some patch master at Home Depot.

  24. riseuplight3 says

    Does he live in a paper house

  25. darkspd89 says

    Cardboard houses for the millennial

  26. AutomaticMuffins says

    I wonder how my tik toks it will take to fix that..and money lol

  27. Despite_2021 says

    Drywall is so delicate.

  28. pitterro says

    Paper wall? Shittttt

  29. MikoGianni says

    He was too heavy handed with his face push.

  30. IAmIncrediblyAwesome says

    Ayo where the fuck you guys get the se houses with walls made of cardboard

  31. EvilSecondTwin1 says

    Are his shoes Christian Louboutin’s ?

  32. crashfan2003 says

    that’s just the flux capacitor

  33. positivecynik says

    What grown person wears light up kicks

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