1. LVPandGranite says

    I wonder if he had to get buzzed in just to enter the store. I bet someone had to unlock the door for
    him. Maybe it didn’t register in his head that it’d be the same thing when he leaves.

  2. mira_perfect says

    very stupid thief

  3. sersoniko says

    He was just doing a prank

  4. Phil_82 says

    Seen this loads, still makes me giggle. Fucking thick. You could see the guy behind the counter KNEW he was gonna do that 😂

  5. ZeraTM says

    He’s the type of guy to walk his dog without a dog

  6. realredditowner says

    Their jails are actually quite terrible. I think they beat u and say mean shit.

  7. shaydayultra says

    dumb ass

  8. G-Bro81 says

    Nice try dick head

  9. KamikazePenis says

    Also brilliant to wear slides on his feet. Nothing helps a fast getaway like slip-on footwear!

  10. digitalbullet36 says

    “Hey man, I was just joking.”

  11. No-Duck7816 says

    This is old, but it never gets old.

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