1. oddllama25 says

    Wtf was she supposed to be doing?

  2. brettmalcolm says

    Smells like a set up.

  3. xRatman77x says

    Oh my god , where is the sound .? I wanner hear her squeal 🤣

  4. subscriber_number_30 says

    I really don’t understand what shit like this does for people other than get them hurt. In what way is this at all better than normal traditional workouts that require next to no equipment?

  5. OctalMist says

    can’t workout without videography and ass pants, is exercise so bad that so many must turn it into a cry for attention?

  6. Gufurblebits says

    Someone failed beginner physics.

  7. Fello-2004 says


  8. angry_centipede says

    Learning is fun!

  9. aceforest says

    A real kickass workout

  10. Bchavez_gd says

    Why are crossfiter so damn dumb.

  11. CloudStrifeonmyarm says

    Is that a girl or a guy? Nice ass either way

  12. kashar01 says

    That’s going to leave a mark

  13. KINGcharlesTHENEVER says

    Akon’s “smack that ass” was playing for those with no volume

  14. matrixemil says

    Well, it looks like video made just to become another stupid viral, but who cares anyway. Slap that ass for likes

  15. antsugi says

    Are there not enough videos of these readily available for people to learn that bands are a niche item only for accessory work?

  16. RayMosch says

    There sure have been a shit ton of “elasticated training bands mishaps” videos posted to Reddit over the last couple of weeks. This is like the 5th I’ve seen this week. I wonder why?

  17. ksin1986 says

    I would smack that ass too

  18. BlursedOut says

    “Again daddy” comes to mind

  19. Mares_Leg says

    Fake, butterface trying to have a personality and looking for attention.

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