1. WhiskyTango3 says

    That’s just wcgw with being stupid. What did you expect to happen?

  2. player-onety says

    Wcgw not having a functioning brain.

  3. drunkdoodles says

    Mmm the protein crunchy wing bits are the best.

  4. Lastnoodle says

    The cars behind you are gonna love all that free suggar :,) ..

  5. jojoro97 says

    I mean that’s just on you.

  6. lol1015 says

    Cone instead of cup with a cover? You don’t deserve ice cream

  7. PeteyPablo23 says

    “We had to leave ASAP but not that fast as to just toss the cones.” Guess it wasn’t an emergency. Just a case of stupidity

  8. renethedude1986 says

    eat as much as you can and toss the ice cream, tf lol
    And you obviously weren’t in a hurry if you had time to take a pic and then post it on Reddit

    Please take my downvote

  9. returnofdmc says

    A lot less bugs on it than I taught there would be if on a motorbike…

  10. jusGrandpa says

    She can’t lick any faster than that? Rookie

  11. TheCanadianbloke says

    That hasn’t gone wrong. Ice cream is literally supposed to melt. What did you expect to happen? This is just an idiot posting stupid shit

  12. StockCurious says

    You’re just dumb if you do that

  13. mindue says

    You want bugs in your ice cream, because that’s how you get bugs in your ice cream..

  14. likemong says

    Oh no, not the blue moon!

  15. 6U723EV says

    What’s next? Cotton candy?

  16. Onetofew says

    Had to go home and poop, didn’t ya

  17. sleasys14 says

    Yeh you shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motorcycle lol

  18. Drak_is_Right says

    That is just stupid

  19. fozir says

    That’s a pretty ice cream though, what’s the flavour?

  20. perineumoan says

    No one’s gonna ask what motorcycle OP has?

  21. Remarkable-Fan-1010 says

    What flavor is that?

  22. Magnetic_sphincter says

    I bet you are real glad you didnt just ditch the ice cream lol

  23. Snotrokket says

    We got ice cream from this place n Delaware, on the boardwalk right on the ocean. It was a really windy day, but not real warm. We had to wear sweatshirts. It was like a steady 25 mph wind and it was unfuckingbelievable how fast our ice cream was melting. It was weird. Because of the wind, it was melting like 5x faster than it would have on a 100 degree day. We had to eat it so fast, like damage control. My poor son, who was 5 or 6 at the time just couldn’t keep up. He was covered worse than he normally would be. Haha.

  24. Slump420 says

    Wow. Just wow. Big brain working here.

  25. SBTELS says

    Not sure why you would think taking an ice cream cone on a motorcycle is smart to begin with..

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