1. Kittani77 says

    That was about as dead a fall as you can make. The bass on that thump was solid.

  2. hperrin says

    She specifically asked not to be pushed.

  3. chill_bishop says

    I’m kind of jealous that these people get so immersed into VR that this happens. I can’t get my brain to commit that hard.

  4. LolcatP says

    Maybe people should just stop playing plank challenge

  5. F_for_Respect_69 says

    Rip the headset as well

  6. Sneakers_n_Suits says

    Love the bass tone on that floor

  7. comrade_leviathan says

    This is absolutely never okay.

    But I also watched it like… 6 times. It was hilarious.

    Also not okay.

  8. TrainOfThought6 says

    Messing with someone in VR like this automatically makes you an asshole, change my mind.

  9. RNtuckers says

    Is anyone else focused on the camera man’s ankles That look amputated and sewn back on?!

  10. lonewolff7798 says

    I’m glad I don’t have friends this dumb.

  11. rukus4142 says

    There’s a 50/50 chance i would permanently end all communication with that person. Doesn’t matter if that’s a friend or sister. She just said “don’t push me” and that idiot did the exact opposite.

  12. Statement_Silly says

    So much better with sound on. But why did she just fall?

  13. MostAssuredlyNot says

    I don’t understand why every single one of these videos is a person playing Reggie’s Plank Experience or whatever, which I’ve also ONLY heard of in those videos despite playing tons of VR.

    I’m not saying it’s fake/advertising or anything like that, but… man it’s so weird.

  14. DefrockedWizard1 says

    Is this sort of reaction rare, or is VR typically that disorienting?

  15. lordKnighton says

    That scream should be in movies, it’s gold.

  16. ConfusedALot_69 says

    Pushing someone wearing a VR headset is the same as pushing someone who just became blind; change my mind.

  17. youngbuttclamp says

    Okay but seriously don’t fucking touch people playing vr you’re not funny

  18. Jangalang674 says

    She didn’t even push for real She touched her shoulder.

  19. SullyBeGood says

    Survival instincts- 0

  20. ConspicuousBassoon says


  21. TheSolarTurtle says

    Someone stole the camera person’s ankles.

  22. Nathan-Stubblefield says

    And that, children, is how straps break.

  23. Bigstackertons says

    This is Richie’s Plank Experience and looks like she was aiming to fall back in the elevator. So dangerous. Pretty funny though.

  24. SpaceHuskyZero says

    I saw a guy full on jump off the plank and smack the floor at a tech conference once. Its interesting to think how easy it is for your mind to malfunction and shit the bed. Thousands of years of evolution never prepared the mind for virtual reality.

  25. blixzkreeg says

    OH MY GOD, is the dog ok?

  26. BillClintonsSexDoll says

    I know people in wheelchairs that would move their legs faster than that women, but she doesn’t have parkinsons

  27. maxime1147 says

    That cat nearly diededed

  28. Neither-Answer-7431 says

    That should be a cartoon fall, but it isn’t.

  29. BLTblocker says

    Oh my dad pushed my uncle and sister, my uncle almost smashed a glass end table, and my sister hit her forehead on an exercise bike, she’s 9.

  30. nah_i_dont_read says

    This video alone makes me want a VR set.

  31. Kaktuspoo says

    Feels bad man

  32. snowdn says

    u/GifReversingBot Come back to us!!!

  33. Complete-Comb8262 says

    Don’t push m

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