1. RellenD says

    Somehow that’s exactly what I expected

  2. Phoequinox says

    This is why I only date big girls. You can’t trust skinny girls to not be two people.

  3. Sammyscrap says

    I knew from the way she was laughing it had to be two girls

  4. lo_fi_ho says

    I was.

  5. SpinningThroatKick says


  6. random_ass says

    96 with 8 legs

  7. South_Lake_Taco says

    The Thing has taught me that you can only kill that with fire

  8. OldEars says

    Did somebody say “Ehlers-Danlos syndrome?”

  9. CleatusVandamn says

    What are you doing step sister?

  10. rebel099 says

    Imagine she gets stuck in that posiiton

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