1. NinjoeX2 says

    Failure and redemption in ten seconds. What a roller coaster

  2. front_yard_duck_dad says

    I meant to do that to showcase my 🐆 speed

  3. SpareTesticle says

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  4. Lamarckian-Planet says

    Some of the best defensive plays I’ve seen come after a turnover or bad mistake like this. That shit lights a damn FIRE under your ass.

  5. Slide0fHand says

    Just when I thought he couldn’t get any dumber. He totally redeemed himself!

  6. ElMoquito says

    Feels bad for the guy that ain’t score… yk his team gave him so much shi for it 😭😭

  7. SportyNoodle says

    Op sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected: that was unexpected.


  8. TooOldToRock-n-Roll says

    Chaotic good football players

  9. chuck1942 says

    Take the easy goal, didn’t need 2 sets

  10. ciao1974 says

    How from getting fired….to regaining your job in only two seconds.

  11. marioz90 says

    Learn to shoot with your non-dominant foot.

  12. Ayaan_Nair says

    I’m feeling second hand embarrassment for that striker

  13. LandoThe_Don says

    I serioulsly thought somebody was eating shin for breakfast lunch and dinner…

  14. germinik says

    Coached by Scott Sterling

  15. EDG-543 says

    When you think you got a girlfriend

  16. The_hot_Teapot says

    Schrödinger’s goalie: Simultaneously the worst goalie you’ve ever seen and the best goalie you’ve ever seen until the action is over.

  17. pelorizado83 says

    Nice comeback!

  18. TootsNYC says

    That’s called “don’t give up”

  19. Scrubola says

    Left foot!!!!!

  20. 6PuttBirdie says

    Man idk why this made me laugh. So clutch it’s funny

  21. Ehsco says

    Dismay and jubilation in a span of 10 seconds. Well done goalie😂😂😂

  22. vpsj says

    How to unfuck yourself 101

  23. headabox says

    The real fault is the central defender who looks to be playing the forward onside.

    If you’re playing a high line, make sure you’re formation is solid. Sloppy.

  24. 0Silver-Spark0 says

    It’s that moment were you make a mass ,and then you say :i’ll fix it

    And then you actually FIX IT

  25. fyrflyeffect says


  26. idioterod says

    Never say die!

  27. Beflar says

    Sometimes the game is just to easy and you just feel like messing with their heads.

  28. Rjimenez209 says

    More like what a dumb striker

  29. TrayusV says

    So that first move, while absolutely stupid, is understandable. I’m a goalie, and whenever we leave our box, we kinda panic because if we accidentally use our hands, we could get a red card.

    So you just panic and do silly things like this. Tho first principal of intercepting a ball for all players isn’t to stick a leg out, but to get the full body behind the ball.

    But damn is that an amazing recovery. The attacker got comfortable because he was past the keeper and didn’t think he was in trouble, so he took his time.

  30. CricketRepulsive7002 says


  31. Frisbijs says

    Rocket league

  32. redstone314 says


  33. MovingTreee says

    You really gotta suck at soccer if you can’t take a shot on an open net.

  34. anewlo says

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

  35. CambriaKilgannon11 says


  36. darkintruder77 says

    What a save !
    What a save !
    What a save !

  37. nonickavailable says

    You got me in the first half, not gonna lie

  38. jankonio says


  39. Meltdown808 says

    Awesome recovery!

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