1. madflavorsworld says

    This video should have sound. That kid laughing could brighten somebody’s day bruh!!

  2. J0l1nd3 says

    Oh my goodness that is so sweet

  3. DZChaser says

    Awesome. Totally my next prank

  4. gofatwya says

    That kid’s having a great childhood

  5. Cheesemonger543 says

    I love harmless jokes for kids.

  6. cvok4444 says

    She looks like Laura Bailey a little

  7. greenstreeter says

    Definitely saw a kid version of george w bush

  8. budgie0507 says

    I like when I see nice things on Reddit.

  9. dwalker444 says

    That is great!

  10. Zylonnaire says

    Aww look how adorable he is

  11. mrwhitedynamite says

    what a cute family!

  12. SensationsWhite says

    Lucky kid, he has a happy family.

  13. StoFacendoLaCacca says

    Spotted the Italians

  14. topredditbot says

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  15. unlitlanterns says

    The purity


  16. goodinyou says

    This is probably the funniest thing this kid has ever seen

  17. mp29mm says

    Love it! Kids are the best

  18. barabusblack says

    The kid cracks me up.

  19. lillyreidceramics says

    Ah damn you got me. That’s cute

  20. pogman7 says

    Why the hell is there no sound. I wanna hear the laughter.

  21. ireddit-jr says

    I hope everybody is blessed with one such moment in their life, where they can laugh their ass off with happiness and surprise

  22. jstAguyOnreddit says

    Most innocent and fullest laugh i have ever seen 😂.

  23. paulyd313 says

    Now that is one cute mf family

  24. -_Tag_- says

    So cute

  25. BeIIic says

    That smile

  26. 69someone69 says


  27. WheelDependent2110 says

    That is how core memories are created!

  28. Leon_Lonewolf says

    Wholesome r/blackmagicfuckery

  29. drummerevy5 says

    This is the cutest video I’ve seen in a long time! 😄☺️😊

  30. Master_Freeze says

    The kid looks so happy ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)

  31. MyNameIsChangHee says

    This video was reposted shit tons of times but still that kid’s smile is wholesome af

  32. reddielou says

    I thought this was going to be a mean prank. Pleasantly surprised.

  33. UnwashedApple says

    It’s magic!

  34. DumbSmartOfficial says

    You guys are cool 😎

  35. AntelopeBackflip says


  36. glowinac says

    That is so sweet

  37. PNGN2187 says

    It was funny see how much of a kick that kid got out of that! ☺

  38. skinnereatsit says

    I want this video to have sounds so badly

  39. Moniq2310 says

    This is so cute! I love seeing how the little boy is a perfect combination of mom and dad

  40. doublevaginalboy says

    Hot mama!

  41. Neither-Sprinkles says

    Best video of the day!! ❤️❤️❤️

  42. CaptainChaos_88 says

    This made me 😂

  43. Hefty_Instrument says

    Oooh MY GOD!! Thanks for the link to hear the sound! But even before that, I could like visualize and give my brains rendition of what I THINK this GIF should sound like! lol. But even before that though, it only took the image for it to melt my heart. 100% wholesome af. nothing beats true, genuine entertainment from pure innocents 😍🥰😊😇

  44. Kkatsh says

    The pure joy on that kids face! ❤️❤️❤️ Better than crack… (no I haven’t tried it. Yes, I don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  45. LordNedNoodle says

    I know if I did this near my kids they would be spitting water for the next month thinking they were so funny.

  46. ClaireClover says

    When I was 4, my sister pretended to put a mini chess piece up one nostril and shoot it out the other simply by covering her nose and transferring it to the other nostril.

    Cue me 10 minutes later with a mini chess piece shoved so far up my nose that we had to go an urgent care clinic to remove it.

  47. Lance2409 says

    Cute.. I wish I had a kid.

  48. MatRat66 says

    The kid has experienced a epic poggers moment

  49. Florida2000 says

    A dorky thing that parents do….. HONEY we gotta try this

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