1. coryhill66 says

    I had to do some repairs in the room with an MRI machine. They had caution tape past what the guy said was the event horizon. Then he stood there to make sure I didn’t even think about getting close to it.

  2. ah0yp0lll0i says

    Good thing those aren’t crazy expensive.

  3. Apprehensive-Owl-539 says

    You won’t believe how expensive this accident cost. MRI devices are fragile af.

  4. AlpineCoder says

    Beyond the danger to people and the machine when this happens, they also have to quench the magnets to get it out of there. They’re usually cryogenically cooled with liquid helium, and that shit ain’t cheap.

  5. MARIAS76 says

    That is unacceptable. I have worked in MRI and we tell people constantly to only use MRI safe bed and stretchers. Do they alwasy listen? No and that is when things like this happens. They better be glad no one was hurt. I personally have seen nurse’s scissors fly out of their pockets towards the magnets and even oxygen tanks. Imagine getting hit by those.

  6. GorkMcBork says

    Aren’t those things insanely expensive? How many heads rolled after this?

  7. Kirbyfrog says

    I knew they were strong but that strong yeesshh

  8. dionysus_disciple says


  9. schmally26 says

    Oh good, one more thing to add to the list of fears about getting an MRI..

  10. connectcallosum says

    “Yeah b*tch! Magnets! Oh!”

  11. AzkabanResident says

    *wrong hole*

  12. ibuildthebest says

    I was part of the construction of a new MRI room for a children’s hospital maybe 10 years ago and we had to take a small class on the installation and start up and one of the most mind blowing pieces of information that came from the class was that HALF OF THESE TWO MILLION DOLLAR MACHINES get damaged or ruined upon start up! Insane

  13. afieldWax35 says

    Great, I am having an MRI done next week. Thanks a bunch. ;p

  14. CptPieGuy says

    “And here we see the vicious MRI machine take it’s natural prey the hospital bed in with a deadly hold! Let us hope that the young wheel chains have already fled the sceen.”

  15. AJStickboy says

    Was this an inspiration for a 911 episode?

  16. b30wulfs says

    Should have relaxed before attempting

  17. Golly-Gee_Fellas says

    Jesus, they’re that powerful? My little sister has a metal pin in her arm from when she broke it years ago, what if she needs a brain scan one day? Will the machine re-break her arm?

  18. lethalkin says

    Toooooooo close

  19. The_Real_Raw_Gary says

    Just wanna check with people but am I the only one who whenever I get an MRI I secretly want to eat some metal and just see wtf happens? Like a call to the void type deal?

  20. Dragonwinter690 says

    Beeg magnet go brrrr

  21. Odd-Row9485 says

    What’s with ct rooms being two or three toned. I just did a bunch of work in a hospital last year and had to paint the cat room three different colours.

  22. Alibelky308 says

    Damn. Someone got fired.

  23. _kalron_ says

    I worked at a location decades ago that had an experimental elector magnet that could\would remove a pace-maker from a person’s chest when active. No joke, scary shit.

  24. Impossible-Lake8249 says

    I do testing with MRIs a couple times a year. Always weird when you feel a little pull on your belt when you walk up to the bore.

  25. guideinfo says

    I have a pacemaker and MRI machines scare the -shit- out of me

  26. booknerdinbriefs says

    I stopped using magnetic eyelashes because I thought, oh god, what if they put me in an MRI in an emergency and my eyelids get ripped off. I’m scared of MRIs anyway. Too claustrophobic.

  27. Irishtoffee95 says

    Iv seen a floor buffer jump 20 feet across a room straight out of a mans hands. Fucking thing could have killed somebody, dangerous shit those mri machines.

  28. RawkAnnStone says

    My aunt is a RN. That is gonna cost SO MUCH MONEY, someone’s career is likely over.

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