1. ronocrice says

    Reposted so that it actually shows them! Other image looked fine on mobile but cropped on desktop

  2. TsLegoAcc34 says

    Took me a while, but that’s pretty cool!

  3. Kitchen-Scar-6060 says

    Thats awsome what kinda car?

  4. Derpy_Murtle says

    Where did you get em?

  5. Playinwitme- says

    Surely this means you can swap them with ease now!? 😉

  6. whaddupmonica says


  7. Strained-Glass says

    Is it possible to learn this power?

  8. killerbeard9009 says

    Dude those are amazing!! Did you get those somewhere or make em?

  9. ScottaHemi says

    just remember to give it enough space so the wheels and frame don’t rub to much against each other.

  10. F1Asher_001 says

    Pretty cool, but why the choice of white and grey? I think red and black would be more suited for a red car.

  11. Hello_Mr_Fancypants says

    Oh shit that’s rad

  12. LikeThosePenguins says


  13. GamingGamer9 says

    alright, what have I missed? why are these on here?

    I’m not a car guy but am a lego guy so not sure if I should know this

  14. MrDog1987 says

    They’d get pinched in 5 minutes round here.

  15. -guci00- says


  16. MateOfArt says

    That person drives a lego car

  17. sumosam121 says

    Lego disclaimer, Technic axles really aren’t strong enough for this purpose

  18. andymakk says

    Little overspray there bud.

  19. QuarantineSucksALot says

    Most call centers have such a bad wig

  20. kloudrunner says

    At first i thought it was a googly eye.

  21. Trollionicle says


  22. SpaceGerbil says

    You know you could of taken off the hub caps to spray paint them gold…

  23. Maniachanical says

    I love them!

  24. TheXypris says

    Need to put more tape around the tire to prevent overspray

  25. Commanderz_Derpy says

    AWESOME. I WANT THEM! but I don’t have a car… Hmm.

  26. Dumb_Cheese says

    That’s freaking awesome

  27. pfsg100 says

    #L M A O

  28. crow--12 says

    This is amazing! I never thought anyone would try this honestly…

  29. ElectricGeckos says

    I want some.

  30. hazmi_rasid says

    Imagine if it was actually a giant half bush and the tire will always come off when driving

  31. TheBendalorian07 says

    Me, a tire thief: *grabs LEGO stick*

  32. nintrader says

    I like that it still looks trendy even if you don’t get the reference

  33. [deleted] says


  34. Klandan54 says

    must either be old or not lego, as the axis is not some wacky color

  35. AcharyaShri07 says

    Looks a little off center.

  36. TheBupherNinja says

    I like the brozne oversprsy on the tire.

  37. areyouthick says

    Where did you get them???

  38. jakethedumbmistake says

    How do you cook food?

  39. ZippZappZippty says

    I think being dead is still significantly worse.

  40. TheMegaGamer768 says

    *Respect intensifies heavily*

  41. MarcyTheFool says


  42. penis_boy69420 says

    its all fun and games until you realize you placed the piece wrong and you have to rip apart have the build with built in turning mechanism and make the build take you a extra 2 days to make.

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