What’s happening today – 6/8/2021


**EDIT 1: There is an issue with Reddit right now and my images are not loading. I’ve added IMGUR links instead. Furthermore, I cannot see the upvote total for this post, which is still stuck at 1.**

**EDIT 2: The comments in EDIT 1 seem to be fixed now. I also added an example of how the additional deposit could have been made in shares rather than cash. This would force the short seller to buy enough shares to meet their new margin requirement. Otherwise, it was a legitimate margin call to cover a short position.**


There are significantly underfunded short positions on GME. With the recent spikes in price, it puts an even bigger strain on these positions because they must deposit more money to keep their accounts current with the new price. I’ll use some simple numbers to describe what this means.

If you have $100 in a deposit account to “cover” your short position and the price skyrockets, you must make an additional deposit to meet the new price. So the account holder will deposit an additional $20 to make their account current. To do this, the short seller can either deposit shares or cash in their account. If you cannot meet this requirement, a [margin call](https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/margincall.asp) will occur. I believe the uptick in volume this morning resulted from short sellers purchasing enough shares to meet the new requirement. It could also be from them covering the position, directly. I could be wrong but the outcome is still the same. Take a look: [https://imgur.com/vdzZUaa](https://imgur.com/vdzZUaa)


We had at least 2,000,000 shares traded within 20 minutes which boosted the price by roughly $45. This means there are now MORE positions which are underfunded and must make additional deposits to meet the increase in exposure. Ergo, we should have a domino effect. The “sideways” trading occurs between these purchase periods because retail investors continue to diamond hand their stonk.


What does this mean? Volume upticks like this will drive the price up. Once that spike is over, the price will trade sideways (basically) until another volume spike occurs. We know this because apes basically forgot how to use the sell button. This will send the price up again. Rinse, wash, repeat.


Think back to the House of Cards – Part III. Remember the example I gave of Goldman Sachs when they were being “bought in”? What did they do?

They shorted **EVEN MORE** than they purchased on that day to keep the price down. As I am writing this, it is literally happening with GME.

[https://imgur.com/abvlt1L](https://imgur.com/abvlt1L) (pictures AND links are really f*ckey with Reddit right now)


I honestly do not believe this is retail selling, but rather, a flash-crash to drive the price down. I wrote about it in Citadel Has No Clothes when it happened on March 10th. I would have a hard time believing this a few months ago, but after seeing Goldman Sachs get caught doing the same exact thing, it’s become obvious: this is their textbook move. The goal is to return the price to a point it was at prior to the increase this morning. Obviously, this will prevent more market makers & broker-dealers from having to make additional deposits.

This is not normal behavior and is HIGHLY unlikely that retail is responsible. Prepare for EXTREME volatility and know that these actions are performed to prevent OTHER BROKER-DEALERS from being margin called.

As you continue to hold, **THEIR** problem will become worse and worse. It will **ONLY** work if you sell. Once the short attack is over, you should see the price rebound. We know that $350 has been a dangerous point for them because they triggered a flash crash at $350 on Mar10 (Mario day). Low and behold, they *done-did-it* again



To me, this is us catching them in their lies. There would be NO NEED for this if their positions were covered. It is blatant market manipulation and we are SUFFOCATING THEM.


*Not financial advice*

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  1. slp033000 says

    They flash crashed the price all the way down to price levels not seen in over TWO HOURS.

  2. Foxdog27 says

    These flash crashes are getting weaker and weaker, it’s like watching a kettle getting ready to boil over.

    As always, appreciate your insights. 💎🤲

  3. gtownhoyas123 says

    Thanks for the update man! Stay strong

  4. pushinbombadils says

    I can’t imagine how stressful their lives are right now.

    Imagine the amount of money they’re paying to keep it down.

    Imagine how on the ball they’ve had to be, nonstop, for 5 months. Their pressure is increasing.

    Imagine how exhausted they are.

    I went outside during the run up this morning, and stared at nature.

    Diamond handing is just biding time doing things you love. This is easy.

    Trust the DD. Enjoy the moment. Breathe, relax. Everything is gonna be okay.

  5. Gmspunt says

    $150, hodl. $160, hodl. $170, believe it or not, hodl. You go under $200, hodl. You go over $500, also hodl. Under hodl, over hodl. You hit $1m, straight to hodl. In superstonk we have the best stonk, all because of hodl.

  6. half_dane says

    You are awesome. Thank you for the heads up, fren 🤗

  7. curiousJ3ff says

    Diamond hands

  8. No-State-8495 says

    #BUY&HODL 💎🖐

  9. RallyInTheNorth says

    The loop-de-loops are coming on this roller coaster all, strap in!

    *P.S. comments are back!*

  10. vdatdudev says

    Updoot for newbies and anyone needing reassurance.

  11. [deleted] says


  12. i_eat_the_opposite says

    That’s really something

    *Goes back to sleep until post MOASS*

  13. Winnipork says

    That was quick. Thanks for the good work. Doesn’t change anything. We hodl. It’s sad that all that Repo money just went down the drain.

  14. iRamby says

    i bought more today thank you kenneth for the dip. He is a nice guy giving us some more buying chances

  15. Apprehensive-Fee-554 says

    Am i the only one seeing absolutely nothing

  16. zedinstead says


  17. hnnnnggggggg says

    The price movement today made the hairs on my ass stand up straight

  18. Mikeymikers0n says

    Everything these assholes have ever known, have ever been taught, trained, modeled, practiced ……… everything they know. We just fucking laugh at and either buy more or hodl. It must be very humbling for them to be losing to a bunch of retards.

    Good post. Not financial advice, I just collaborate.

  19. Red_Sun_King says

    Thank you!

  20. Mark_Walrusberg says

    Finally some good fucking volatility!

  21. I_Eat_Booty says

    Bird Box – SuperStonk Edition

  22. seedgrower6 says

    Not gonna lie apes, in January, when this happened I was beside myself with anxiety and regret. I still held down to 40. Every single time it happens after I now laugh because I am immune to their tactics and this gives me confidence we are right and on the right track

  23. Fenrir324 says

    Thanks u/atobitt that was my theory too, so I’m glad other people came to the same conclusion. I think they are definitely on the ropes and it’s only a matter of time now.

  24. air789 says

    Reddit comments go down and the entire market tanks when GME was on an absolute heater of a run to start the day, as if I needed anymore confirmation bias.

  25. Jasonhardon says

    Hey @u/atobitt, I have something to add to this. Another Redditor noticed that being over the $280-$350 would likely put GME into a conversation about adding it to the S&P 500. Could be why they’re scared. BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street could wipe their competitors out. He said that if this happens, ETFs would be forced to buy GME from market rather then through Dark Pool Fukery. Check it out. There might be something there or there might not be.

    & Also please take my poor ape award🥇

  26. profcoin says

    Thanks for having our back. You FUCK sir!

  27. EtoshOE says

    Cheers! Also I am loving how little power their flashcrashes have now, in January it went to $112, in March to $172, now $281? Expecting a big rebound today or tomorrow

  28. donkeydougie says

    Comments are back?! YAY!

  29. TranZnStuff says

    Slightly confused on how a cash infusion to meet margin requirements shoots the price up?

    Can someone wrinkly my brainy?

  30. Laffen94- says

    Haha sat in a family get-together when we spiked, my brother went nuts cause he saw the price, and were telling all our family about my investment, I told him to not give a fuck since it wasn’t a 8 digit number, my family now thinks I’m insane and really dumb for not selling… my brother is the only one I had told about my GME investment, now everyone knows, well guess that’s what’s gonna happen more and more in the coming weeks and months.
    Great update btw! Love the insight

  31. Fearless-Ball4474 says

    The walls are closing in on them.

  32. khamesa says

    Love it

  33. moneycashdane says

    Love seeing this in new. Up you go!

  34. Patarokun says

    /u/atobitt you’re a great writer, even in a quick play-by-play post like this I can follow your logic and understand your points as if my smart buddy was sitting next to me in a cafe drawing it all out on napkins. You’re real good at this man!

  35. Braxxess says

    They can’t keep doing this forever. Each passing day brings us closer to the margin call.

  36. EuthanizedEjaculate says

    The candles on many stocks are replicated 11:10 to 11:14.

    Could they short an ETF to achieve this? Too smooth to know.

    Regardless, manipulation is blatant.

  37. Lucky2240 says

    Fu-k yes! This makes absolute sense u/atobitt 👏

  38. uatme says

    Can’t wait for those juicy pictures to load. I wonder what they could be.

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